The Study of Alchemy in the Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn AlchemyIn virtually every grade the basics of Alchemy are presented and taught to the student of our order. This prepares the student to embark on serious Alchemical workings in higher grades. In fact, the student of our Order who works through the grade structure is placing himself into the Alchemical furnace and is then far more prepared to apply himself to the Great Work in the higher grades.

The Order has a very large library of Alchemical texts available to the higher grade members. In addition to the obscure text that is not readily available to most people who pursue the study of alchemy; the Order has virtually all of the classical texts.

Most Adepts of the Order spend a great deal of time with the texts. Some because they choose to do work with the alembic, flask, and furnace, others because they see the wisdom in the formula for personal spiritual transformation.

Ancient AlchemyThere is a popular saying in our order "One can not create beyond oneself". If we are to create the kind of Alchemical stone, elixirs, medicaments etc. then we must become priceless, less we practice chemistry instead of Alchemy.

In all things seek the true stone, the Stone of the Wise.


The study of the alchemical arts digs its roots deep into the history of the Western Mystery Tradition. Alchemy has been practiced by mystics for centuries and is an art that requires deep study and dedication to the Great Work. Only through this deep study and dedication can any true results be attained by a student of the Mysteries.

There are two types of alchemy, spiritual and physical. While both forms of alchemy involve the destruction of matter in order to attain that of another, only one form, spiritual alchemy, will lead to what alchemist refer to as the "Sonum Bonum"; the Philosopher's Stone or the True Stone of the Wise.

It is the goal of the true mystic to study and learn well the hidden truths found within the text of alchemical documents and apply the principles found therein to his or her life. Only through "trial by fire" and self-sacrifice unto the Higher can the student of spiritual alchemy transform the lead of everyday life to that of purest gold.

The  Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School ( Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn ) teaches students alchemy in gradual steps as they progress through the grades. This section of the website is meant to serve as a tool for deeper study into the alchemical arts and provides interesting articles for Order members, as well as those who are curious and seeking further knowledge concerning this magical art.

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