astral initiationThe Golden Dawn tradition of Initiation is more active and vibrant than every before. The Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn continues to provide classical Golden Dawn initiation, including “astral” or long distant initiation. The reasons for continuing the tradition of astral or long distant Golden Dawn Initiation are the same reasons today as in the days of Moina Mathers. Moina Mathers was the wife of MacGregor Mathers who established the long distant Golden Dawn initiation in the Golden Dawn current.

In the days of Moina Mathers and the spreading of the Golden Dawn, there was interest all over the United States in the Golden Dawn. At that time there were only one or two temples providing initiation in the U.S. It was a gruesome and expensive affair to become initiated into the Golden Dawn.

Most all the people that fall out of the Golden Dawn tradition fall out after the Neophyte grade. Moina Mathers realized that this meant large sums of money are invested in travel only to find out that the Golden Dawn may not be the best path for the aspirant. Moina saw that through the Power and Light of Astral or Long Distant Golden Dawn Initiation one can join the Order. Now new members could meet locals in their area who have a study group or a sanctuary. This allowed new members to decide if the Golden Dawn path is absolutely the best path for them. The cost is minimal in this astral experience. It absolutely makes sense to peruse Golden Dawn astral or long distant initiation if one does not live near a lodge or Temple.

The Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn is the Order that re-awakened the time-tested tradition of astral or long distant initiation. There have been some criticism but none of the criticisms have any serious basis in fact.

All new members of the Esoteric Golden Dawn go through the process of Golden Dawn astral or long distant initiation. New members immediately receive their grade materials within 12 hours or less of joining. These materials include the full grade manual along with step by step instructions on how to proceed with Golden Dawn astral initiation. PLUS members receive tons of audio files, one of which is the actual initiation and verbal instructions. New members are given all details of how to light candles and listen to the initiation as if they were in a temple. Many members share powerful astral initiation experiences on the Esoteric Golden Dawn Private Forum. New members are never alone in their astral initiation experience; they are given the name and phone number of an adept/mentor who will help prepare all members for the initiation.

This is absolutely a hands on process. The entire concept of astral initiation is based on the teachings of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, “ As Above, So Below.” This means that whatever the Hierophant binds in the higher planes must manifest in the lower. Time and space are removed in the magical realm. Astral initiation is a certain way to enter the energy flow of the Golden Dawn. Your experience will prove it.