Prayer of Nicholas Flammel

"Almighty, eternal God, Father of Light,
from Whom all good things and perfect gifts come to us,

I beg You, For the sake of Your infinite mercy,
let me recognize Your eternal wisdom,
that which surrounds Your throne,
which has created and made everything,
which guides and maintains everything.

Send it to me from Heaven, Your sanctuary,
and from the throne, Your glory,
that it may enter me and work within me.

For it is the mistress of all heavenly and secret arts,
which opens up the knowledge of and insight into all things.

Grant that it may accompany me in all my works,
so that, strengthened by its spirit, I may receive
the true insight and advance without error
in the noble Art to which I have dedicated my life,
in the exploration of the Philosopher's Stone,
which you have hidden from the world
but whose discovery You grant to Your elect.

That I may happily begin, continue, and perfect this Great Work
which I am called to accomplish on this earth,
and that I may ever rejoice in it.

For this I entreat You through Jesus Christ,
the celestial Stone, pillar of the marvelous,
founded for eternity,
who determines and rules with You.


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