Kabalah, Qabalah, Cabala & the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School

Kabbalah As a student of the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School ( Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn ), you will be introduced to the incredible power of the Qabalah. The secrets of the Qabalah are well guarded and transmitted orally to the student when the student presents signs of readiness.  Few have unlocked the whole magic of the Qabalah. The Qabalah provide the conduit for extraordinary manifestational power.  This means that once you learn the secrets held by our Order, you will have the ability and the skills to invoke anything you desire in your life.  The Qabalah has an incredible reputation for delivering wealth, love, health and spiritual connection.  The angels of the Qabalah are always prepared to aid and serve those who hold the secret keys.  Our task to prepare you the student to have access to the power of the Qabalah.  The path of study will be challenging, and some will give up on the road to mastery, but for those who choose to explore and acquire the secret keys, the rewards are unbelievable.   The Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School hold access to all the ancient knowledge of the Qabalah including contacts with the Hidden Masters and the Angelic Realm.  Our Order teaches the  system based only in part on  a practical aspect of  Sepher Yetzirah, or "Book Of Formation." Plus the hidden magical texts of the Zohar.  The included articles below provide the inquiring mind with more detailed information regarding this ancient knowledge.


Qabalah & the Golden Dawn

The Sepher Yetzirah

Correspondences on the Tree of Life

Intro to the Qabalah

Golden Dawn Kabbalah Unveiled

Qabalistic Dictionary

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