The Golden Dawn & the Magic of the Tarot

The Golden Dawn Tarot

Universe Golden Dawn TarotOur Order teaches that the most powerful sources of information come from higher spiritual vibrations. The Golden Dawn Tarot is a near perfect tool to gain both Secret Knowledge and a deeper understanding of the True Self. An understanding of the Golden Dawn Tarot can awaken your deepest and most powerful potential. Our Order uses the tarot to awaken inner magic and latent powers within the student.
The Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School (Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn) spends extensive time providing complete, in-depth Golden Dawn Tarot study. The information is revealed to the initiate in the higher grades of our Order both through the mystical Book T and through our exclusive oral tradition that has been passed from mouth to ear for centuries.

(Note: The Tarot images on this page may not be copied or used in any way without the permission of the artist or representatives for the Rosicrucian Tarot Deck.)

The complete study of the tarot is the found in the Golden Dawn Tarot studies.
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