Understanding Golden Dawn Initiation

The Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn initiation serves as an entrance into the ancient and sacred mysteries of Light. The Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn is the Guardian of the Mysteries of Hermetics, Qabalah, Angelic Invocation, Esoteric Tarot, Astrology, Healing, Alchemy, and of course the Magic of Light. While many seek to imitate the wisdom of the Magi and the magical teachings of Light, none can lay claim to the inner teachings of the verbal Qabalah that only exist in our Order.

Golden Dawn InitiationThe transmission of Golden Dawn initiation is step one in what will eventually be intense training and transformational exercises that will aid the aspirant to become spiritual and magical gold. This is true alchemy of Golden Dawn initiation. Our Order makes no apology of the challenges of the work. Many who have preliminary training through internet forums, books and even initiation into other groups find themselves ill prepared for the real work that takes place within the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn. Not to worry, our task is to prepare you for true and powerful magic that only comes with advancement under the guidance of the Collegium Spiritu Sancti.

The domain beyond the grade of 4=7 are not part of the Golden Dawn proper, contrary to what some authors and internet guru's have exclaimed. Also contrary to one group, the Outer Order was NOT made part of the Second or Inner Order in 1999. It never happened and it never will. This is contrary to the tradition and is certainly not classical Golden Dawn. More importantly it does a serious dis-service to new students, who need the classical teachings and empowerment’s provided through Outer Order instruction and Golden Dawn initiation.

Golden Dawn GradesHere are the grades of the Outer Order:
0=0 Neophyte
1=10 Zelator
2=9 Theoricus
3=8 Practice
4=7 Philospohus

There is a grade that extends beyond the Golden Dawn that is also not part of the Second Order. It is the grade of Portal. Grades that extend beyond this are part of the Second Order, and should not be confused with the Outer school of the Golden Dawn. The Neophyte Golden Dawn initiation, must be conducted with precision and accuracy. It is vital that all the appropriate symbolism be invoked in the correct colors and with the correct magical intention. The Neophyte Initiation is an extremely potent and powerful force that has the ability to awaken the candidate to higher powers and abilities. True transformation takes place first, in the initiation of 0=0, then on a daily basis in the training and exercises given to the New Initiate. This is often called the living Golden Dawn initiation.

The grade of “Portal” is unique. This grade is the summit of the Golden Dawn grades. This is the top point of the Pentagram and is the grade of Spirit. The Outer grades are all related to a specific element, governed by the power and might of Spirit above. Thus, when the Golden Dawn Initiate travels through the grades of the Order school, he/she is brought to a point of balance with the internal elements within his/her Sphere of Sensation. When the crowing grade of Portal is achieved, the aspirant has manifested the complete pentagram in perfect equilibrium and harmony on a microcosmic level.

The grade of 5=6 is of another Order which is referred as the Second Order or Inner Order. The Inner Order is also referred to as the Collegium Spiritu Sancti (College of the Holy Spirit). Our Second Order or Inner Order is not a part of the Golden Dawn, but is responsible for the governance of the Outer school. We take this responsibility seriously and always work to give our Outer Order students the help and teachings they need, deserve and expect. We are the Collegium Spiritu Sancti; the spiritual and magical works of light are core to our work and beliefs.

Our deeply spiritual and magical tradition is focused on preparing the initiate after Golden Dawn initiation for the Great Work! The Great Work is defined as: The purification of the spiritual nature, so that with the aid of the Higher Genius or Holy Guardian Angel, the Adept of 6=5 may overcome his/her human limitations and thus gradually raise and unite with the Divine Self. This is the True Self which is beyond the cosmic cycle of birth and death.

While it is true that we provide the student a world wide fraternity of Light through the Golden Dawn initiation, the truth is that the study of the sacred mysteries is still in many ways the path of the Hermit. The symbol of the Hermit at the top of the mountain holding the lamp of hidden wisdom is a fitting symbol of a true adept. The Golden Dawn is a worldwide fraternity of like-minded men and women who seek “Inner Truth,” but it is still, in many ways, a solitary path. Personal attention and work is a “must” in the process of spiritual development for anyone, especially those that have gone through Golden Dawn initiation.

A final thought on classical Golden Dawn initiation is that the initiation along with all forms of magic are based on the Emerald Tablet of Hermes. The Emerald Tablet provides the basis of Astral Initiation. As the Emerald Tablet of Hermes states, “As Above so Below.” This literally means that ALL initiations are astral in nature. The Officers in the temple are simply providing the physical counterpart or expression, but true Golden Dawn initation is spiritual and astral. The Brethren of the Collegium Spiritu Sancti have long agreed with S.L. MacGregor Mathers that Astral Initiations should be provided for all members who seek initiation and do not have a full functioning Temple nearby. Our Order continues this tradition of Golden Dawn initiation, Magic and Light.

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