The Power of Light in Finding the Right Temple

Imagine walking into to your own sacred space and discovering that Light invoked within this sacred space now follows you and lives within you and that whatever seemed impossible before is now probable. Your life is on a whole new level of consciousness as you begin to develop strong, tested, provable communications with your Higher Genius or Holy Guardian Angel. This system of Light and Mastery was developed by our Order under the direction of S.L. Mac Gregor Mathers who helped found our Order in 1888. The exciting part is that you can claim you destiny in the Light and expand your life power and potential in literally every area of your life, and you will accomplish this through the incredible power of Initiation

When you embark on the pathway of light and Initiation into the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn there are several things that are promised to you not only from the Order, but also from the Universe and your own Higher Genius and Holy Guardian Angel.

You will shine brighter than any star and expand Light and Healing into your own life and the lives of those you love.
All those old dusty grimores will become easy to understand and read after a short time within the Esoteric Golden Dawn. The Understanding of the invisible will become tangible to you and you will find great reward and personal power in your increased Light and Knowledge.
Travel far beyond the limitations of the printed books and on-line correspondence courses offered by some to temporarily satisfy you magical pallet. The knowledge and wisdom you will discover in the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn will last you life times.
Experience astonishing power in the Initiations into the Light, the Elements and the secret world of true magical mastery. These initiations are available at our local Temples, and around the world through the sky shaking power of Astral Initiation.
Please read on … Seekers of Light,

There are some that claim to get hot boiling mad at the new age guru’s, and their so called interest in money. I share no such anger. I know that every sincere teacher of Light serves a purpose in the Great Work of our World. I understand that not everyone is ready nor inclinced to become a Golden Dawn initiate. For them, there are other paths and teachers.

However not all G.D Orders feel the same. There is another Golden Dawn Order under the direction of David Griffin who claims to be boiling mad about New Age teachers, and so-called Golden dawn fakes. He claims that there are others wanting a free ride on the Internet by using the Golden Dawn name and this is why he changed his name to AO/GD. (The real reason is that he lost a court case to Chic Cicero and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Inc.)

This is a commentary I do not enjoy relaying because our Order, as well as others have so much more to offer. We in our Order of the E. O G. D. do not cast aspersions on other Golden Dawn groups. We prefer to maintain a friendly relationship with them and the exchange of knowledge when helpful. This way the entire Golden Dawn community and those who seek the Light within it will be made rich spiritually and we will all be edified.

If you are one who seeks the Light, and are attracted to the Golden Dawn, my only suggestions are;

Do it when you are truly ready.
Avoid anyone or any group or teacher that feels the need to cast negativity about other groups and mentors, including systems that are not Golden Dawn. (Most people in our order practice other systems as well)
If you feel the call to enter the Light and to attract the powers and responsibilities that naturally come with increased power, then we are here for you. And, if you need a different kind of Temple, write us and we will work to insure you find one that fits your needs, even if it is in another Order. Live in the Light.

G.H. Frater P.D.R.

Frater PDR

Imperator General of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn

Qui Tacet Consentire Videtur "He that is silent is thought to consent"


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