The Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot

By Soror TF

The Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot

The Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot by Robert Wang

To help you understand The Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot you must be able to embrace the totality of meaning in the card. The Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot is the first card in the major arcana of the Tarot. The first person that The Fool encounters on his journey is the Magician. The Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot is the archetype of manifesting in the material world. The Magician has the power to initiate The Fool. Through undergoing this initiation The Fool awakens to his creativity. As the Fool's creativity flourishes, his skill and determination lead him to new opportunities. The new opportunities received through the Magician's initiation help the Fool to transform and prosper.

Before becoming the Magician, the Fool is a breeze blowing in light gusts everywhere in space. When the Fool becomes the Magician, the breeze becomes a whirlwind of concentrated force. When glazed, absent-minded eyes become suddenly bright and hawk-like, the Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot awakens.

Below I will share a meditation on the Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot. This visualization guides you in deepening your connection to your creativity, and your ability to manifest in this world. It will help you transform your inner Fool into a powerful Magician. Please absorb the image of the Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot before you begin this visualization. (If you have not done the meditation on the Fool, please click here to experience the Fool of the Golden Dawn Tarot.)


Now, take a slow deep breath, bringing the breath all the way down into your belly. As you slowly breathe out, make sure you breathe out until your lungs are empty of air. When you have done this, continue to breathe naturally. Be aware of the breath; the inflowing breath and the out-flowing breath. Breathing freely and easily. Just allowing the breath to come and go as it will.

Remaining with your eyes gently closed, visualize yourself following a path. Look down as you imagine yourself walking along it … what sort of path is it? Feel the texture of what is under your feet on this path. It could be a smooth or a rough path, or the sort of path that you have always loved. It might be a path that is leading you to your special place of beauty, harmony and peace. Continue walking along this path as you see before your peaceful sanctuary coming into focus. Enter into this place, this special sanctuary. It could be a warm cozy room or it could be some special place in nature that you love; like the beach, the forest, a lake or some other place. This is the place that you can always come to where you can relax where you can experience peace and calm. Create a place where you are always safe and protected.

As you wander about in your own special haven, look about you as you acquaint yourself with your surroundings. Touch the things that await you here that you love. Smell the scents and aromas in this special place. Listen to the sounds that are unique to your wondrous place.

See before you a special seat that you can sink into feeling cozy and relaxed. This can be any kind of seat in which you can sit in comfort and safety. Go now to your special seat and make yourself comfortable there.

Counting backwards into an even deeper state of relaxation … knowing that you are in control at all times … hearing these words and let the counting drift by you …

TEN … going deeper … NINE, EIGHT … deeper and deeper … SEVEN, SIX … relaxing and deepening … FIVE, FOUR … very very deep … THREE, TWO … relaxing, deepening … relaxing, deepening … and ONE … feeling so relaxed, so very very relaxed in your peaceful sanctuary.

Continue to just being aware of the breath … the inward breath and the outward breath … hearing these words and allowing them to fade away.

Now, in a state of deep relaxation, visualize yourself just like The Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot.

Recall the image of the Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot which you studied before you began this meditation. Imagine yourself as the magician. Your right hand rises to receive a ray of warm and brilliant light. The light travels through you, influenced by your mind. Power issues from your left hand and the world is molded in the image of your thoughts.

Imagine yourself alone in a vast place. You cannot see the walls or the ceiling. Air stirs about you in soft, random touches. Inside your body, near the navel, a great force dwells. Your mind is clear, with a golden light about your head. The light reaches down and sends out a wave of force, like a great curved and shapeless arm from the center near your navel. The arm of force catches the air about you. Winds begin to blow about you in circular motion. Feel the whirling vortex of power strong about you. Below you a light dimly shines. It brightens. Beneath you in the growing light is a great hall lined with many doors. The doors open and close at your bidding. One door attracts your attention more than the others. Let the door open. See what is beyond it.

Beyond the door of the Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot, you see yourself surrounded by beautiful flowers … red roses and white lilies. Imagine yourself bending forward and inhaling the delicious fragrant perfume of the roses. Smell the fragrance as it moves through the air and fills the air with wondrous delight.

Look down at your clothes, at the clothes of the Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot. You could be wearing a white robe, a red cloak and a blue belt around your waist. Your belt symbolizing a snake that represents your creative powers. You could be dressed in some other way that is right for you as The Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot.. Hold yourself in this image of dressed as a Magician.

Imagine now running your hands over the textures of the fabrics you are wearing. What do these textures feel under your hands and fingers? Are they soft? Are they hand woven? Are they embroidered?

Feel yourself at the Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot as a table appears before you. Imagine that upon the table is a Golden cup … a wand … a Pentacle which is a five-pointed star embossed on a round disc … and a sword that symbolizes power, strength and courage. Within these four objects, you as the Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot hold the totality of the Four Elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Air.

Now, visualize yourself moving to the table, picking up the Golden cup and drinking the pure liquid from the cup. Visualize the sweet taste of this golden nectar filling your whole being. As you drink magical powers unfold your creativity and abilities to manifest in the world.

Now, placing the cup back on the table. Use your right hand to grasp the wand, feel the entense energy coming from it. Mindfully raise the wand toward Heaven, while your left hand is points to the Earth. As the archetype of the Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot, feel the strength and power that flows through your whole being as you stand in connection with Heaven and Earth. Visualize yourself as the master of your life and destiny.

Now, take in a long slow deep breath through your nose as you absorb the all the qualities of Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot. As you slowly breathe out through your nose, deepen into the Silence and stillness within you that is the way of the Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot . Continue to breathe naturally, being aware once again of the inward breath and the outward breath merging you into deeper silence and stillness.

Imagine now above your head the Sign of Eternity, the figure 8. In the symbol of infinity, you clearly see that you are of Spirit. You know that you are able to bring about things in the world. As you stand being one with the Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot, you recognize that now is the time to incorporate the lesson of “as above, so below”. This is the lesson of knowing that mastery in one aspect of life brings about mastery in another.

Feeling the qualities of the Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot enveloping you and within you, visualize now being surrounded by bright golden light. This golden light represents solar consciousness that allows you to explore the world and master it.

Now move this golden light into the area in your life want to master, right now. Let the light show you what do you need to bring forward to master your goal, aspiration or ambition. Within your own inner silence and stillness, answers may come to you intuitively and spontaneously. If not immediately, that is okay. You will discover these answers as you go about your daily life by your intention to manifest for your highest good what you most desire.

The Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot is the archetypal achiever. As you reflect on what you want to achieve, use your ability to be flexible, to communicate your ideas, for the Magician has imparted you with the skills. Also, listen to your inner voice. When the Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot appears within you, it symbolizes your creativity, action, initiative and self-assertiveness. You can create new opportunities that give you courage, driving power, skill and determination to enable these to flourish and blossom. Ask yourself, “With the powers of the Magician, how would I like my creativity and originality to expand?”

Imbued in the archetype of the Magician there is great power. You felt this power when you raised the wand. Now, take in a deep breath, breathing power and strength into your body. As you breathe out, exhale your empowerment through every cell in your body. When you’ve done this, continue to breathe naturally once again.

Bring your awareness to defining power. Power can always be used for good or bad. Misuse of power abounds on our planet. Allow the Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot to show you what power mean to you? Let light illuminate how power appears in your life. How wisely do you use the power with in you?

With the power of the Magician within you, you are urged to bring all aspects of your life together. Just as you stood with the wand between Heaven and Earth so you have the power to have your love, emotions, money and morality stand between Heaven and Earth. If one or some of these are out of balance, just allow these aspects of your life to be acknowledged. As the Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot set your intention and focus to develop deeper inner knowing that will bring about the changes to help you manifest your greatest potential.

Now, take in a long slow deep breath. As you breathe, embrace the qualities of the Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot in yourself. Know that the Magician has initiated you with the ability to manifest your creativity and potential.

Continue to breathe naturally as you visualize the clothing of the Magician. As the clothing fades away, the door you opened closes. You are full of power as you leave your sanctuary. You step now back onto the path. You know that you can return to this safe and peaceful place any time you wish.

And counting from one to five …

ONE … becoming aware of yourself sitting on the chair or on your cushion …

TWO … gently wiggling your fingers …

THREE … slowly moving your head from side to side …

FOUR … being aware of your feet on the floor, or your knees on the floor sitting on the cushion …

And FIVE, very very slowly, wiggling your toes and moving your feet.

Take a deep and clearing breath and slowly open your eyes, stretching your whole body if that feels good for you.


I hope you have enjoyed this Tarot Meditation. I trust that you have embraced the archetype of the Magician of the Golden Dawn Tarot. Allow yourself now to be open to opportunities and the importance of a new enterprise. Remember, you will have the willpower, the initiative and the skills to succeed in whatever you do.


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