Letter of WARNING to all those who seek enlightenment from published books

I claim no outer or special significance among you. This message is intended to serve as a guide to enlightenment for the true seeker.

Through thousands of years, many books have been written on the quest for God. There is no doubt at this point in time that those books have done very little good for mankind in general. The disease of man's complete preoccupation with the material has grown especially strong at present.

Throughout the history of mankind on earth, there have been a multitude of false prophets proclaiming the way. Always, these individuals have been the imitators of the real and hidden inner schools. Unable to find the true inner connection, they instead entrap those who would not look long or deep enough for the truth. They spread confusion, lies, and false hope only for the benefit of themselves.

The ancient Mystery tradition does not change with time. It does each day and in every way to those who grope at the fleeting shadows in the Darkness. Approach with caution those who would openly claim expertise and lineage. Names are of the outer. Real lineage is provided only by the inner and is never outwardly proclaimed.

Esoteric schools have always served a specific purpose at a specific time. For those individuals who would purposely or out of self-ignorance misrepresent what they do not understand or are not a part of, realize that the true initiate understands far beyond words and has no need to spread falsehoods. Although many individuals have always foolishly regarded themselves as worthy of representing or altering an ancient pathway, do not be deceived by their self-aggrandizement. One book or many thousands of books written by those of the outer, falsely claiming to be a representative of the inner, changes nothing. The many of the inner have never had a need to selfishly claim lineage. It is irrelevant. From what significant lineage did the Buddha, Christ, or Mohammed descend? Were they not chosen?

No one individual can bring himself up from the grave of matter without following the paths of those individuals who have gone before. An outer school is needed in the beginning. With the multitude of pseudo-schools presenting themselves at this time, it is urgent for the seeker to remember that the quest for the truth begins in one's own heart. If the desire for Love, Truth, and Knowledge is strong enough, it will act as a beacon for those capable of guiding you to the real inner Mysteries. It has always been this way. Many are called, but very few are actually chosen.

The potential initiate must understand the significance of searching inwardly and not allowing oneself to be led astray outwardly. Follow the path of those in the past who have preceded you. Nothing has changed. There are many capable of guiding you to your desire. You must learn to listen inwardly.

A popular axiom of this century is, "There is no such thing as a free lunch." Who would expect a real teacher to expend time and effort without such a return from the student? Everything must be paid for. Who would value would they would not pay for? Do not take this to mean that any price is justified, for those who would willingly take a large sum of money from another and not provide an even exchange in return are incurring a very large debt which will eventually be paid in one form or another.

There is no doubt that this message will be attacked, twisted, and falsified by the many who would falsely and self-righteously claim knowledge of subjects for which they have no real understanding. For what is knowledge without understanding? It is like an orange tree unable to bear oranges. It is just a shell of what it should actually be.

Peace Profound...

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