The High Priestess of the Golden Dawn Tarot

By Soror TF

High Priestess of the Golden Dawn Tarot

Golden Dawn High Priestess Tarot

High Priestess of the Golden Dawn Tarot Deck by Robert Wang

You have chosen the High Priestess of the Golden Dawn Tarot, the second major arcana card of the Tarot. This guided visualization will help to deepen your trust in your own intuition and insight. In his journey the Fool (click to read Fool meditation) meets High Priestess of the Golden Dawn Tarot whom he looks upon as his spiritual mother. She is receptive to anyone who seeks her counsel and guidance; for knowledge is revealed to those who seek it out. The High Priestess is symbolized as the archetype of intuition, the unconscious, the healer, and feminine power. She represents all that is unknown, and yet can be accessed through stillness, and silence.
The High Priestess of the Golden Dawn Tarot guided visualization begins with the creation of your own Peaceful Sanctuary. This is a place you can always come to, to find peace and calm in your life. In your Peaceful Sanctuary, you will meet with the High Priestess of the Golden Dawn Tarot. Take a moment now to look at the picture on the High Priestess of the Golden Dawn Tarot card. See the priestess. Let your eyes meet hers. It is almost as if her eyes flicker and then are still as they look deeply into yours. Allow a question to grow in your heart. It slowly rises to clarity. The High Priestess of the Golden Dawn Tarot waits to answer it as you begin this meditation. Calm yourself now as you enter your Peaceful Sanctuary.

Below is a meditation on the High Priestess of the Golden Dawn Tarot. Enjoy.

In your preferred meditation posture, allow your eyes to close gently. Place your hands in your lap in line with your abdomen at the level of your navel. Hold your hands together, with the back of the right hand resting against the palm of the left hand, with your thumb tips gently touching. Have the hint of a smile on your face. Just by sitting in a meditation posture, you have already set an intention. There is dignity and grace in your posture, and you may be aware of your back straightening. You may be aware of your shoulders sloping gently downwards, releasing and letting go any tension in your neck. Release your feet flat on the floor or release your knees to touch the floor, if you’re sitting on a cushion.

Now, take a slow deep breath, bringing the breath all the way down into your belly. As you slowly breathe out, breathe out until your lungs are empty of air. When you have done this, continue to breathe naturally. Be aware of the breath: the inflowing breath and the out flowing breath. Breathing freely and easily, being aware of the breath as it flows through your nostrils.

Allow your awareness to flow through your body and if there are any holdings or tension in any part of your body, take your breath to that place now. Breathe in and out of that place in your body where there may be tension or holding. Focusing in that place, breathing in and out of that place, allowing the tension, the holding or the blockage to be released from your body. Just being aware of the breath, allowing your body to soften with each breath. The inward breath and the outward breath are allowing the body to be soft; soft body, gentle breath.

Remaining with your eyes gently closed, visualize yourself now following a path. Look down at the path as you imagine yourself walking along it. What sort of path is it? This is the path that is leading you to your peaceful sanctuary. Enter now into your peaceful sanctuary. It could be a warm cozy room or it could be some special place in nature that you love, like the beach, the forest, a lake or some other place. This is the place that you can always come to; where you can relax, where you can experience peace and calm, and a place where you are always safe and protected. A place that you love to be in.

Being in your own special haven, look about you and acquaint yourself with your surroundings. What do you see here? Touch the things that you feel drawn to here and that you love. Smell the scents and aromas that are uplifting to your senses in this special place. Listen to the sounds that are unique to your wondrous peaceful sanctuary.

See before you a special seat that you can sink into and feel cozy and relaxed. This can be any kind of seat in which you can sit in comfort and safety. Go now to your special seat and make yourself comfortable there.

Counting backwards now into an even deeper state of relaxation. Knowing that you are in control at all times. Hearing these words and letting them drift by …TEN … going deeper … NINE, EIGHT … deeper and deeper … SEVEN, SIX … relaxing and deepening … FIVE, FOUR … very very deep … THREE, TWO … relaxing, deepening … relaxing, deepening … and ONE. Now feeling so relaxed; so very very relaxed in your peaceful sanctuary.

You are wrapped in the calm of you Peaceful Sanctuary. The Fool is a soft breeze blowing everywhere in space. The Magician is a mighty whirlwind reaching from earth to sky. Moving with the breath now into the mysteriousness that brings you in touch with the High Priestess. Now invite the High Priestess to enter your sacred space. The High Priestess is the quiet within the wind, the peaceful eye within the storm. She dwells in a place where the air stirs not and even thoughts are quiet. This vestal is a child becoming almost a woman. Her days of protection and trust are with her yet. With her also is the first bloom of the mysteries of the Moon, the mysteries of later spring turning to summer in her body.

Visualize in your mind turning your head to the right and seeing the High Priestess of the Golden Dawn Tarot enter your abode. She may appear in the form of a figure familiar to you, or a light being, or someone else that is right for you. As she comes closer and closer to you, see her deep beauty, her gentle smile, and her love pouring towards you. Greet this archetype of feminine power that is wise, intuitive, mysterious and understanding. Feel the High Priestess's sensitivity to you and how much she loves you.

The High Priestess of the Golden Dawn Tarot represents secret knowledge, hidden feelings, intuition and mysterious influences. Watch as she seats herself before you, her garments flowing about her. She may be dressed in the flowing blue robes as depicted in the tarot; adorning her head is an Egyptian style headdress symbolizing the waxing moon and the waning moon; on her lap is a scroll or book of ancient wisdom and at her feet, the lunar crescent.

The High Priestess conveys to you that she is associated with the Moon, which symbolizes the hidden and mysterious lunar cycles and psychic revelations. Perhaps the High Priestess seated before you may have appeared in a different form. See what that is now for you.

The High Priestess waits with eternal patience before you, so just allow yourself to merge with the depth of her awareness, with the depth of her presence. See how she gazes at you with encouragement. See how she accepts you unconditionally. Can you feel that growing confidence within you? For in her presence, you are able to tap into your own source of compassionate power, intuition and wisdom. The High Priestess is conveying to you that you, too, are a compassionate, powerful, intuitive and wise being.

So, taking in a deep breath, breathe in the Knowing and Understanding that you are indeed compassionate, powerful, intuitive and wise. As you breathe out, soften, deepen and embrace these qualities more and more. Continue to breathe naturally.

Looking into the face of the High Priestess, see there the ancient understanding of knowing life’s dualities, of knowing good and evil, light and dark, summer and winter. Knowing all of these things, understanding all of them and accepting all of them as they are you are calm. Feeling again and again that depth of understanding that is conveyed to you by the High Priestess for she is aware of the ups and downs of life; she is aware of all the vicissitudes of life. Remaining calm and peaceful as they come and go.

Let the blue and white energy of the The High Priestess of the Golden Dawn Tarot shimmer before your mind. From your heart recall the question that rose within you in the beginning, allow your need to reached out. If there is something or someone in your life that you need more clarity around, perhaps a problem you may be facing, or a decision that you are in the process of making, ask the High Priestess now for her help. Speak to her as though she is a very close friend. Listening to her inner guidance. It may appear to you as a symbol, a word or a thought.

Perhaps some aspect of your life may be out of balance, it could be your health, a relationship, your finances, or something else. Ask the High Priestess now what you need to do to bring greater balance and harmony back into your life. Listen for the answers within your heart, letting go of logic, and trusting the intuitive response to your questions.

Sitting in the presence of the High Priestess, you can trust her counsel to seek new paths and hidden paths to Wisdom. Your intuitive insights will suggest new solutions to the issues you may have in your life at this time, so trust your intuition.

There may be something else that you may need counsel about and if so, take this time now to communicate more deeply with her. From the temple of the High Priestess a soft answer comes. The answer is not in words, for the need surpasses words. Let the soft blue and white of the High Priestess of the Golden Dawn Tarot dissolve in silver moonlight. In the radiance, find meaning to that which you seek. The answers may come to you in the forms of a symbol, a word, or something else. If not at this time, that is okay. Revelations may come to you as you go about your daily life.

Now, draw in a long, slow, deep breath. Breathing in the essences of the High Priestess: calmness, sensitivity, stability, silence, and deep understanding. As you slowly breathe out, let go of all the struggles in you that displace love. Continue to breathe naturally.

Immerse yourself in the mysteriousness of the High Priestess, sometimes called the Daughter of the Stars. Sense or feel or see her being reflected back at you as she sits before you, and make an intention to yourself to release old patterns of conditioning that no longer serve you. Simply by starting with, “I intend to release old patterns of conditioning that no longer serve me,” is a way of bringing that intention very clearly and fervently into your life. By say this each day, you can live with an open and loving heart.

Now, take in another long, slow deep breath, breathing the breath all the way into your belly, all the way into your body. Breathing in soft healing blue light and filling your whole body with soft healing blue light. As you breathe out, letting go of the patterns that no longer serve you and continue to breathe freely and easily.

The High Priestess of the Golden Dawn Tarot rises gracefully before you and bids you farewell. You may wish to express your thanks and gratitude to her. As she leaves, hear her assuring you that she is always there if you have a yearning to be in her presence.

It is now time for you to leave your peaceful sanctuary. So visualize yourself now exiting from your safe place and being back on the path once more. You know that you can come here any time you wish.

Counting from one to five …

ONE … becoming aware of yourself sitting on the chair or aware of yourself sitting on the cushion on the floor …

TWO … gently wiggling your fingers …

THREE … slowly moving your head from side to side …

FOUR … being aware of your feet and toes, and wiggling your toes and moving your feet.

And FIVE, very very slowly opening your eyes.

Now, take a deep and clearing breath, and stretch your whole body if that feels good for you.

It is not by accident that you have chosen the High Priestess at this time. It is a sign that she is inviting you to go inward in your meditations to uncover your truth through inner sensations, images and flashes of insightful knowing. The High Priestess of the Golden Dawn Tarot symbolizes inner unity. Perhaps at some point in your life you may have felt separate from others or you may not have always been able to express your feelings because you may have been afraid of rejection. You may not have always been able to say what was right for you because you were afraid that speaking your truth might upset another. In this way you may have cut off parts of yourself so that you could fit in and be acceptable. The High Priestess of the Golden Dawn Tarot will help awaken the secrets in your heart that reveal to you what you really want and where you are going. She will get you the knowledge to heal anything that may have been cut off. She will guide you in your path.

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