Healing and the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School

Healing & The Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn Healing
We all recognize that the classical Golden Dawn Tradition is but an outer, preparatory school for the True Order, begun by our ancient Fraters in the Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross and continued by Mathers, Wescott, and Woodman, known as the Second or Inner Order. Five principles were set down to be followed by the Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross.

In the Neophyte Initiation, this primary principle is espoused by the Hierophant as the candidate kneels west of the altar:

"I come in the power of Light, I come in the Light of wisdom, I come in the mercy of Light, the Light hath healing in its wings."

The Neophyte Initiation provides the foundation of our magical system. The student must recognize the importance of these words, and understand that the Hierophant is not just listing his credentials, but charge -- challenging -- each and every one of us to become a living vessel of the magic of Light.  The aim is always to bring forth the wisdom, mercy, and healing of Light!

This raises a question: In all the books, lectures, articles and documents on the traditional Golden Dawn system, why is there no mention of healing? By far, the healing arts are the most neglected of all the teachings within most Golden Dawn groups. The student of the mysteries should not despair, for they are taught, as a living part of the oral tradition within the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School. 

Those who have made an in-depth study of the initiations of the Golden Dawn system know that every word, every gesture, and every symbol has relevance and meaning far deeper than implied on the surface. Often, subtlety is an indicator of importance. This is the case with the teachings of healing. The bulk of these teachings have been maintained in the oral tradition of the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School ( Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn )  passed from one generation to the next, from mouth to ear. Only those truly living in the current of Light recognize the vital importance of these teachings to the realization of the Magic of Light.Golden Dawn healing

The Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School remains true to great and secret teachings. Regular contact with the healing Brethren of the Invisible Third Order has given our adept healers incredible and remarkable healing powers.  Every full moon, our Order performs a Healing Rite dedicated to the fulfillment of all petitions submitted. Adepts use various healing techniques to help members and non-members alike. Hands on healing are presented, as well as astonishing magical invocation based on the ancient teachings of the Qabalah and the Hermetic teachings of the Law of Attraction.  Training for healing begins in the grade of Neophyte, with simple but effective techniques that can introduce the student to the concepts of healing. High-grade members begin instruction in a healing technique developed by G.H. Frater P.D.R. ( Robert Zink ) as well as the rest of the Adept body, called Ruach Healing®. Ruach Healing® was codified by GH Frater P.D.R. (Robert Zink) as is unique to our Order. It is a technique based on energy manipulation and transformation utilizing Qabalistic principles found in the Tree of Life. The level of potency and power directed by the trained Adept is not a toy or something for experimentation. There is always the risk of self-injury or injury to the person who is receiving the healing Light. In essence, Healing of this kind can only truly be performed by an experienced and dedicated student who has training in the great invocation of Light and has gone through the rites of initiation in our Order.

To obtain information on initiation, visit our initiation gateway page.

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