Magical Energy Healing: the Ruach Healing Method.

Magical Energy Healing: the Ruach Healing MethodMagical Energy Healing:
the Ruach Healing Method.
Written by Robert Zink & Rachael Haas

A Book Review by V.H. Frater R.C.

I recently had the opportunity to read the book “Magical Energy Healing: the Ruach Healing Method” by Robert Zink and Rachael Haas. This book has the potential to seriously impact the healing community by advancing how healing methods are employed. I decided to read the book because I know the authors. However, once I began reading this book, it did not take long for me to realized I was reading a book on revolutionary healing. The powerful healing discussed in the Ruach Healing Method is in part based on the understanding of the Golden Dawn System and a deep understanding of the teachings of the Qabalah.

While the authors of this book do not claim it to be another Golden Dawn book, this is without a doubt a book that any Golden Dawn Practitioner should own. This is more than just a healing book; it is a manual for controlling energy that can be applied on a daily basis.

I have been a student of magic and healing for several years. This book reveals information and techniques never taught anywhere by anyone. Learning Ruach Healing has enhanced all my prior healing knowledge, especially Reiki. “Magical Energy Healing: the Ruach Healing Method” is your guide to cutting edge magic and energy techniques.

“Magical Energy Healing: the Ruach Healing Method” appeals to two kinds of readers.
1. It appeals to those who are always looking to improve their healing skills.There are a number of books and systems on healing, but this book expands the potency and power of healing through the use of Qabalah, colors, symbols and angelic forces. For me the beginning of the books was rather basic covering the four worlds of the Qabalah and the Tree of Life, but for others it will be a wonderful introduction. This book is a MUST for any Reiki Master, Tapper, or Pranic Healer.
2. The second group that “Magical Energy Healing: the Ruach Healing Method” will appeal to is the serious magician. This is for the magician who truly wants to learn how healing and energy in general works. There are so many exercises that teach you how to become a more effective magician in everyday practice. There are even a ton of pictures that really help explain and show you how to do the different energy exercises.

This is one of those books that will be classified as timeless. The teachings are as timeless as is the healing energy that it teaches the reader how to manifest. The information in this book may be timeless but you do not have time to wait to get this book. This book has changed my life and the way I manifest. I would not wait to get the book. I believe anyone can use “Magical Energy Healing: the Ruach Healing Method” for the two reasons mentioned above. Happy reading and healing!

Ruach Healing MethodThe book "Magical Energy Healing: the Ruach Healing Method" can be purchased on Amazon. Click Here.

To learn more about "Magical Energy Healing: the Ruach Healing Method" visit www.ruachhealing.com

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