What You Should Know About The Golden Dawn

What You Should Know About The Golden DawnBy: Israel Regardie

Review by: V.H. Frater S.O.S.

This book is an important book to have in any Golden Dawn library. Formally called, "My Rosicrucian Adventure," it is a simplistic overview of some important history of the Order. Equally important in this book is Suster's rebuttal to the accusation waged by Ellic Howe in his book entitled, "The Magicians of the Golden Dawn". Everyone has a point of view, and Israel Regardie was no exception.

The reader should keep in mind that this book was his opinion. We do not agree with every claim or promise made by Israel Regardie in this book, but we do not discount the value of it either. This writing also contains Regardie's rebuttal to R.G. Torrens accusations that Regardie had no access to the material he published on his own, but rather attained it through Crowley.

This book is miles from complete, but things like the Mathers' and Yeats' manifestos are very much worth reading. If you find this book on the shelf, we suggest that you purchase it. In the meantime, Regardie indirectly is responsible for at least three groups who now call themselves the Golden Dawn. These groups may be doing fine work, but they should not be confused with the original Order founded by S.L. Mathers.

The point is "What You Should Know About the Golden Dawn" could easily continue into several more volumes or additions, but we will have to wait for history to write them. In the meantime, buy the book.

Note: For more information on Orders today following the Classical Golden Dawn system, and to browse the links section of this website.

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