Kabbalah of the Golden Dawn

Kabbalah of the Golden DawnBy: Pat Zalewski

Review by: V.H. Frater I.C.L.

This may be Pat Zalewski's best book on the Golden Dawn.

This book covers an easy to understand explanation of a portion of the Qabalistic teachings of the Golden Dawn. It should be kept clearly in mind that this book does not cover, nor does it purport to cover the entire body of Golden Dawn QBL teachings.

The section on the Schemhamphoresh is extremely well written. This can often be a difficult subject for students to grasp. Zalewski also does a fine job of covering the Macroprosopus and Microprosopus, or countenance theory. This also can be a conceptionally difficult topic for the student of the Q.B.L.

My only sincere criticism of this book is the numerous errors throughout in the spelling of the Hebrew. Particularly on the diagrams. Also, some of the names in the Chapter on the Qlippoth do not seem to match with original Golden Dawn documents that I have had the opportunity to examine. This, however, means little in that problems in transcription may have occurred.

All in all, this is a good book to purchase and add to your Qabalah library. Kabbalah of the Golden Dawn is published by Llewellyn at a very reasonable price

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