Dictionary of Angels

Dictionary of AngelsBy: Gustav Davidson
Review by: V.H. Frater A.P.S.

The Dictionary of Angels by Gustav Davidson is a book that you may be tempted to easily write off. The cover is white with a cartoonish drawing of an Angel. But don't overlook or write this book off because of the cover design or the current Angel craze in the White Light and Pink Cotton Candy New Age Community. This book is a priceless and handy reference guide to anyone who desires to know about or work with Angelic forces.

This book is about the size of a small phone book and covers a vast amount of Angels. The nature of each Angel

and a brief description is given. In addition, Gustav Davidson also references the book, manuscript, or grimoire from which the Angel is derived. This is of tremendous help. The student then only needs to obtain a copy of the grimoire and research even further the use, sigil, and methods of contacting the Angel. Another highlight of this fine reference book that I personally like is that it abounds with illustrations. I also like the fact that this book also gives the culture source of many of the Angels listed.

For those of you who work with Enochian Angels, they are not listed in this book. Perhaps in book II. The publisher is the Free Press, a division of MacMillan Inc., and it sells for $19.95. Buy it: Put it in your library. You will use it and will be happy you made the small investment


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