Golden Dawn Relaxation Ritual: On Words and Silence of the Mind

By Soror TF

relaxation ritualI'd like to stir some attention to the Golden Dawn Relaxation Ritual, which is recommended to be performed preceding any ritual work. I think that with consistent practice of the Golden Dawn Relaxation Ritual, the ritual eventually evolves into a lot more than just relaxing the body and quieting the mind.  It becomes a blessing in its own right, and even an invocation. The Golden Dawn Relaxation Ritual is used as an invocation performed before every Golden Dawn Initiation.

As the Golden Dawn Relaxation Ritual is performed, consider the warming Golden Dawn sun that starts at your feet. Remember that at your feet represents the center of Malkuth or the physical kingdom. The Golden Dawn Relaxation Ritual in a way begins as an invocation of the Light of Tiphareth unto the Neophyte through Malkuth, or the world of Assiah. Letting the Sun bathe your entire being as it moves up your Middle Pillar is a blessing from the Higher Genius unto the Lower Self. The Golden Dawn Relaxation Ritual moves light through you as a way of empowerment for the work about to be performed.

I often speak of the Golden Dawn Relaxation Ritual helping to create a calm mind but that is actually contradictory. When you are truly calm, not just keeping quiet, the mind does not exist. It merges into Source Consciousness. As the Golden Dawn Relaxation Ritual is practiced, it takes you to a depth of calm I call “Great Silence.” Understand, I cannot speak of a silent mind for a silent mind is no mind.

As I look at experiences of performing the Golden Dawn Relaxation Ritual I think to myself....

As I enter the space of the silent mind which is no mind I have that feeling I felt in Saturn.

Words ... words ... origin of thought ... silence ... center ... the voice of the silence ... life-giving or death-dealing vibrations that form into words. How can I continue? How can I maintain a calm mind? I feel like a pitcher on the mound, winding up for the pitch ... I've got butterflies in my tummy. Breathe.

For example, if I am not speaking, there is no speech. It cannot be called quiet speech. We use this language in normal speech, like saying peace of mind. Ultimate silence, or transcendence, is nothing else than the mind merging into its Source.

An example is waves. When waves subside, they merge into the ocean. They are not kept aside somewhere. In the same way, I cannot get away from my mind. I have to solve it, purify it and let it subside. It simply means getting to the Source of my mind: the reality, or truth, beyond it ... beyond its horizon.

I cannot transcend my mind unless it is purified. An impure mind holds me back. Even if my mind is positive, I am impure because I am too much of one thing over its opposite.

But, so what? The mind should not be allowed to be a block to my Higher Genius, or a part of me to be shunned.

My mind, my intellect, my thinking self ... is a child that has to be pacified and quieted, not by forceful control or threat of pressure, but by the sweet will of merging. Again, with the unity felt when I let go and allow my body to fall into a state of total relaxation.

The Golden Dawn Relaxation Ritual is an effective way to prepare to meet your Higher Genius in transcendence. When you preform the Golden Dawn Relaxation Ritual it is more than just relaxing, being quiet, or calming yourself. It is a complete merging with Source and flowing in the energy of Oneness.

The Golden Dawn Relaxation Ritual is a vital step for empowering your self and all magical rituals. You can follow the steps of the Golden Dawn Relaxation Ritual below. If you would like to become enter Golden Dawn Membership click here.

Golden Dawn Relaxation Ritual

This meditation is a simple ritual, yet a very important one. What this ritual helps you to do is get into a very spiritual state of mind and to relax the body so that during any ritual work, one is not worried about their aching body from a long day. This way, one keeps a clear and focused mind set on the ritual to be performed. If you are having trouble sleeping, this ritual can be performed to help relax all parts of your body so you can have a nice, deep sleep. This ritual also helps bridge the gap between the subconscious and conscious mind by quieting the ego voice.

Step 1

Start off by finding a place where you will not be disturbed by anything or anyone. Either sitting up with a good posture or lying down are acceptable positions for this ritual.

Step 2

Begin by visualizing a ball of bright yellow energy. Feel it as a warm, soothing, and comforting ball of energy. One important side note is not to think of this ball as just a simple ball of energy. Think of it as the sun or the morning sun rising up into the new day, bringing forth to the earth new life, vitality, and light. Feel this ball slowly enveloping your feet. Feel its warmth beginning to relax your feet, taking away all tension and aches from all parts of your feet. Feel them completely relaxed. Feel every muscle in your foot without pain or aches, just completely relaxed.

Step 3

Now start to bring the ball slowly up your ankles and the bottom of your legs. Feel the warmth taking away all aches and pains from your ankles and legs. They are completely relaxed. Now feel it moving up to the thigh area, then to the waist, making all areas it touches feel relaxed. Continue to do this throughout your entire body. Move the ball up to your stomach, chest, neck, and end at your head.

Step 4

If at any point in this ritual you begin to feel an area of your body starting to feel tense, or coming out of its relaxed state, direct the ball to that area and feel it becoming relaxed again. You might want to leave it there for a few moments to ensure that the feeling stays.

Step 5

After your entire body is relaxed, take a few moments to feel it. Feel every muscle in every part of your body fully relaxed. Your mind is relaxed. Any thoughts of work, the kids, or the mundane world do not make a difference. Now take a few breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, as in the Four-Fold Breath. Slowly rise and begin to do your ritual work.

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