How the Golden Dawn Mentor System Works to Empower You

The  Personal Mentor System of Magical Training

golden dawn mentor
We have an extensive and dedicated mentoring system in the Ancient Golden Dawn Mystery School. ( Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn ) Mentors have experienced Adept members, including some of our highly experienced Portal members, who are personally assigned to an initiate to help them with their Golden Dawn magical studies. Our Mentors work with the student to develop a bond that not only strengthens the initiate but also awakens inherent universal power. You can go to your personal mentor for guidance in your studies as they have been through all of the elemental grade initiations, but more importantly, they have demonstrated extreme proficiency in manifestation magic.

To become a mentor one must first be approved by the Chief Adept of the Second Order. Our mentoring program is actually considered another level of study as each applicant to the program is required to pass a course of study in Mentoring and personal interaction. A mentor is a respected, proven member of the Order. The key to a good guide is their proven ability to demonstrate magical skills. Some of the duties of a mentor are to answer the student's questions, give opportunities of interaction with someone who has the same interest in unity with Divinity. Your personal mentor will help you with the challenges of the grades, assist them with their studies and in reaching their goals, and especially to instill in them the feeling of fraternity which we all share.

Our Order stresses the importance of empowering our students.  One of the opportunities we have to return what the Divine has bestowed on us is to help others who are also in search of that scintillating Light. The path of Darkness that leads to the Light isn't an easy road. Having an Adept mentor who has already traversed it will help you with some of the detours, roadblocks and potholes.

Some mentors have study sessions at their local Temple or Sanctuary, or even in their homes, for their students. Others spend hours communicating by phone or by e-mail. The beauty of this system is that you always have someone who will help you personally with your growth in the Order. Even if your personal mentor is unavailable, there are many familiar instructors just a phone call away at the Mother Temple during regularly scheduled hours as well posting regularly on our International Members forum. ( Now available on Facebook ) All that you have to do is pick up the phone or send mail or e-mail, and they will be there to provide support and feedback. This is something that makes us not unique but also keeps us mystical. The concept of fraternity is one as old as time.

Having someone who can help you with your grade material and spiritual studies gives you every opportunity to succeed. This way you can grow spiritually, emotionally and knowledge wise through each of the elemental grades of the Golden Dawn. This kind of support and foundation isn't anything you can get out of a book. With only a book to learn from you have no one that you can turn to when you come across a question or a challenge with an element. Many of the published Classical Golden Dawn material are misrepresented by errors, ego-related falsehoods and "blinds" sometimes placed on purpose to deter the uninitiated. How would you know if you are working a system correctly if the book that you are following isn't correct or even Classical Golden Dawn?

Our grade material is extremely extensive. The mentors are thoroughly trained and given full support by the Second Order. The Order conducts classes and seminars on a regular basis so that the mentors can be the best they can be, as well our Mentors meet regularly through on-line forums to keep in constant communication and work together to help the entire Order and its membership.

All in all, when you receive your initiation, have the support of someone who has years of experience in Metaphysical, Esoterics, and Magical studies; one who has passed through the Grades and represented the highest level of achievement in Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School. Someone who has the same kind of daily challenges that you might have - children, job, health, family troubles, juggling all of these responsibilities along with trying to evolve spiritually. It isn't an easy path, but it is the most rewarding thing you can ever embark on... The Great Work and unity with the Divine and the ability to create the life you desire through the Magic of Light.

To begin your journey on the pathway of light and magic, visit our membership page.

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