Golden Dawn Biographies & Personalities

These Golden Dawn biographies are the foundation of the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School tradition. The personalities that have studied the ancient mysteries and empowered their life creates a great lineage of the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School. Understanding who these people are allows you, as a member of the Golden Dawn, to walk in their energy and empower your life through their example. The tradition of the Golden Dawn is not limited to males, which is a unique aspect of this secret mystery school. The Golden Dawn biographies include members that are both male and female. Some members are very surprised to learn the founding role that certain females played.

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Learn more about the history of the personalities of the Golden Dawn. Each of the below Golden Dawn biographies gives deep insight into manifestation using the ancient mysteries.

S.L. MacGregor Mathers
William Wynn Wescott
Dr. Robert Woodman
Moina Mathers
William Butler Yeats
Allan Bennett
Florence Farr
Paul Foster Case

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