Golden Dawn Grade Material

The grade material of our Order is broken down into the five Outer Order Grades ranging from 0=0 to 4=7. We make no apologies that our content is comprehensive and will require effort by the student/member.

golden dawn grade materialMost people are not aware that 70% of Golden Dawn teachings were never written down or printed in any fashion! These verbal secrets were passed from adept to adept, from mentor to student - this is the classical Golden Dawn method established by SL MacGregor Mathers. The Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School (Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn) continues this oral tradition rich with secrets and knowledge and is passed to those initiates who are sincere seekers of Divine Light and magical knowledge.
Within the five Outer Order grades, there are over 175 lessons. In addition to the printed material which is highly illustrated for in-depth understanding, the grade material also includes audio/video files. This allows the student to hear the pronunciation of various words that will be encountered within the grade. It also allows the student to hear actual rituals being performed. This increases both speed and ease of learning on a deeper basis.

The editors of our grade material review the questions sent in by students both at local Temples and in the Correspondence Program. If a section of the book needs rewriting or a likely explanation, it is done. Our grade material is not stagnant, but is always changing, evolving and improving.

Even more important than the published material, is Order Support. We provide our members with e-mail correspondence and regular online classes, online discussions for the Order as a whole as well as smaller Forums for active local regions, a phone line at the Grand Temple for live consultation during regular hours or by appointment, and, of course, mail correspondence. This means that our Correspondence Brothers and Sisters are receiving all of the help and support that they need. We encourage our members to be interactive. As we're given to, so must we give.
SPECIAL NOTE on Grade Material: As a student of the Golden Dawn tradition and a member of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, we want you to expect the most comprehensive grade materials and personal support in the world. Today's grade material, while mostly the same tradition and material that was provided years ago, is far more advanced and sophisticated.

To learn more about initiation into the Ancient Golden Dawn Mystery School (Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn),  visit our membership info page.

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