Golden Dawn Correspondence Membership

Golden Dawn Correspondence lessons A Correspondence Member in our Order is considered to have the same status and learn the same magic as a member who may live only a mile away from a Study Group, Sanctuary or Temple, and can attend classes physically. For more information read the article on Astral Initiation on this website.

After a new member is approved and astrally initiated, the new member will receive via email a complete 0=0 packet, audio and video files and full-color lessons. You as a new student will also receive a personal mentor and access to a treasure trove of valuable magical information and knowledge.  Your personal mentor is someone who has advanced grade experience but more importantly has demonstrated advanced magical skills.

A 24 hour turnaround time is necessary for any electronic correspondence with your personal mentor.   Again, a high-grade member of our Order answers all electronic mail. Every effort is made by our Order to make it as easy as possible for the student/member to succeed.

When the student feels he/she is prepared to test out of the grade, a testing time is set. It may involve sending in a short audio tape of ritual work, vibrational techniques and a test that is taken over the telephone. In cases where phone testing is too expensive, testing via the internet or by postal mail may be utilized, according to the student's needs. Evolving technology is making it very easy to remain in close touch with our students even halfway across the globe.

The Order is flexible, because people do the Work, not out of ego or for personal gain, but out of the desire to return the Light. The Outer Order from 0=0 to 4=7 consists of over 175 lessons plus several audio files, not to mention LIVE webinars.

In areas of the country where the membership has become active, it may be requested and arranged for an Officer from one of the Temples to be available for a 1 or 2-day intensive workshop or intensives. Also, once a person has become an initiate, he/she may join the local study group in that area.( We cannot guarantee that there is a study group in your area.) Our Order provides the most intensive online classes for every grade.  You can rest assure that you will understand and learn advanced magic not available anywhere else.

Every effort is made to make certain our Brothers and Sisters in other states and countries do not feel neglected or unattended. The Order will not bug the student with nuisance report forms, etc. It is up to the student to ask for assistance. An aspirant should always remember that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, as the common saying goes, or: "Ask, and you shall receive..." There are no fees paid to the Mentors for added help and consultation for as we have received so do we give.

For additional information and to apply for initiation into the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School, visit our membership info page.

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