Golden Dawn Complete System of Magic

The Golden Dawn system of magic may be the most complete system of magic available at anytime in any place. There are several factors that go into making the Golden Dawn system of magic. So of these factors of the Golden Dawn system of magic, include referring to the Second Order and the Third Order as part of an all-encompassing magical system.

Jerusalem Cross

Magic is the ability to change our so-called physical reality with mind. The mind expresses itself with and through various magical rituals that complete one of the hermetic principals or laws.

The Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn provides a complete set of guidelines that are based on time tested, as well as, proven methods of powerful and successful magic. The Golden Dawn system of magic encompasses ritual magic, inner magic, ceremonial magic, elemental magic, planetary magic and zodiacal magic. This is just the beginning of the Golden Dawn system of magic. Much of the Golden Dawn system is placed within the backdrop of the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah provides almost too many different and powerful doorways into the realm of magic, including but not limited to the Tree of Life and the invocation of the various energy level of the Tree called the Sephirot. This then awakens and entire system of angelic magic that is extraordinary and extremely effective magically. The Kabbalah also provides the knowledge for the Golden Dawn system of Shemhamphorasch invocations and magic. These are the 72 Holy Angels of Power.

Perhaps the crowning jewel of Golden Dawn system of magic is the Enochian Magic system. The Enochian magic system was designed by the founder and magical genius MacGregor Mathers. Over the years people have tinkered with the Golden Dawn Enochian system with the high hopes of trying to improve it. Why they try to improve this magical system I do not know. Perhaps they do not have a full understanding of the system. I have studied a collection of books on the Enochian system of magic. The bottom line is that none are as cohesive, as succinct and as effective as the Enochian system of magic designed by S. L. MacGregor Mathers.

Now when I look at a system of magic there are two areas of magic for which little explanations can be found. I tread lightly as I share this information with you. Please keep an open mind and feel free to do your own research in these areas of magical study.

The first area is the secret magic that is not available to the public. These are the parts of magical systems that have not been published anywhere but have only been handed down from mouth to ear and from adept to adept over the years. Experience has shown this is where the system of magic holds its power. Unpublished magical secretes provides a batter of power that is almost unexplainable.

The second area is the form of magic which is in direct intercession from the Chiefs of the Third Order. One only need to experience contact with one of these sages of spiritual light to realize how little we know and how much there is to learn. Some people over the years have tried to degrade the Chiefs of the Third Order to an aspect of the mind, or to the intervention of the higher self. While I certainly believe there may be some truth to both explanations, the most potent explanation is that these are great adepts who once lived on this planet. They toiled and struggled with life, love, and magic like all of us. After their death, they made a conscious choice not to move forward but to remain with human kind and more succinctly with the Chief Adepts of the Second Order. The Chiefs of the Third Order teach and guide the Order today. They teach deep magic. They teach magic that cannot be limited to words or expressions in this article. The magic of the Chiefs is a most potent magic which is part of the egregore of the Golden Dawn Order system of Magic.

Let’s review the basic kinds of magic available in the Golden Dawn system of magic so as to make it clear and understandable.

1. Elemental Magic. This is practical magic working with the four primary elements under the direction of Spirit. Elemental magic relies on the power of the Pentagram
2. Planetary Magic. The invocation or banishing of planetary energies. In Planetary magic we depend on the greater and lesser invoking and banishing rituals of the Hexagram.
3. Zodiacal Magic. Using the greater and lesser invoking rituals of the Pentagram and the Hexagram. This is perhaps Meta magic at its best. Often tied into to invoking one of the 12 tribes of Israel and their qualities as well.
4. Sephirot Magic. Invoking and banish the energies on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life through the greater and lesser hexagram rites.
5. Angelic Magic. Angelic magic can use one of the forms above but is a separate category. This is essentially the magic of the Kabbalah
6. Enochian Magic. This is a unique system that has its own set of rules. It may use both pentagram and hexagram rites.
7. Vault Magic. Banishing is not permitted in the vault. There are several inner forms of magic that may be performed in the vault. In addition there are secret forms not published anywhere that are extremely powerful and effective in the Vault of the Adept.
8. Third Order Magic. Of this little can be said as it is secret.

The Four Elements

In addition to the above the Golden Dawn system of Magic, the process of initiation is a type of magic used to awaken the sphere of sensation of the initiate. All initiation, be it performed in a physical temple or an astral long distant initiation, is astral in nature. There is no such thing as a pure physical initiation. To repeat this, all initiations are ASTRAL.
One of the form of magic found in initiation is using god forms. Whenever ancient Egyptian god forms are used there is immense powerful magical prep work done. Great caution must be used in this system of magic. However, the use of god forms is not unique to Golden Dawn magic. What is unique, is the precise colors and descriptions of the god forms in the Golden Dawn. These god forms are extremely precise and cannot nor should ever be altered in any way. They are designed to awaken a specific energy in the sphere of sensation of the person assuming the god form. God form assumption empowers the user to awaken energies, direct them and increase magical power. The assumption of the god form is similar to an asana in yoga only much more powerful because it taps directly into ancient and timeless power.

While there are complaints from time to time by those who have not worked the Golden Dawn system of magic with great depth, it is a complete system. If it is magic you truly seek, then the magic provided in the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn will provide you the depth, width and potency you truly seek. The Golden Dawn provides an extraordinary system of complete magic. This is power stuff that when learned and awaken within you will change your life from that of someone who seeks to someone who knows.

Written by
GH Frater PDR

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