The Fool of the Golden Dawn Tarot

The Fool of the Golden Dawn Tarot
By Soror TF

The Fool Golden Dawn Tarot

The Fool of the Golden Dawn Tarot Deck by Robert Wang

The Fool of the Golden Dawn Tarot embodies whirling wind blowing between worlds. The Fool is pure existence, without substance or form. This spirit falls into the abyss of mortality. This spirit becomes all that is, seems locked into form. Yet this one being rises freely back to the silence of formlessness. The wandering Fool of the Golden Dawn Tarot is like a spinning dust-devil that comes from no visible place, assumes a cloud of matter and then vanishes back into the unknown. All other Golden Dawn Tarot cards are images frozen in the time of the whirling Fool that is beyond time. When the Fool rules the world, he is the Emperor. When the Fool sits alone in thought, she is the High Priestess. When the Fool is terror and explosion, that is the Tower. All are bound in the oneness of the Fool of the Golden Dawn Tarot. The Fool is bound by no-thing.

Below is a meditation on The Fool of the Golden Dawn Tarot. Enjoy.

In your preferred meditation posture, allow your eyes to close gently. Place your hands in your lap in line with your abdomen. Hold your hands together, with the back of the right hand resting against the palm of the left hand, with your thumb tips gently touching. Have the hint of a smile on your face. Just by sitting in a meditation posture, you have already set an intention. There is dignity and grace in your posture; you may be aware of your back straightening. You may be aware of your shoulders sloping gently downwards, releasing and letting go any tension in your neck. Your feet, flat on the floor if you are sitting on the floor, or your knees touching the floor, if you’re sitting on a cushion.

Now, take a slow deep breath, bringing the breath all the way down into your belly. As you slowly breathe out, make sure you breathe out until your lungs are empty of air. When you have done this, continue to breathe naturally. Be aware of the breath; the inflowing breath and the outflowing breath. Breathing freely and easily. Just allowing the breath to come and go as it will.

Remaining with your eyes gently closed, visualize yourself following a path. Look down as you imagine yourself walking along it … what sort of path is it? Feel the texture of what is under your feet on this path. It could be a smooth or a rough path, or the sort of path that you have always loved. It might be a path that is leading you to your special place of beauty, harmony and peace. Continue walking along this path as you see before your peaceful sanctuary coming into focus. Enter into this place, this special sanctuary. It could be a warm cozy room or it could be some special place in nature that you love; like the beach, the forest, a lake or some other place. This is the place that you can always come to where you can relax where you can experience peace and calm. Create a place where you are always safe and protected.

As you wander about in your own special haven, look about you as you acquaint yourself with your surroundings. Touch the things that await you here that you love. Smell the scents and aromas in this special place. Listen to the sounds that are unique to your wondrous place.

See before you a special seat that you can sink into feeling cozy and relaxed. This can be any kind of seat in which you can sit in comfort and safety. Go now to your special seat and make yourself comfortable there.

Counting backwards into an even deeper state of relaxation … knowing that you are in control at all times … hearing these words and let the counting drift by you …

TEN … going deeper … NINE, EIGHT … deeper and deeper … SEVEN, SIX … relaxing and deepening … FIVE, FOUR … very very deep … THREE, TWO … relaxing, deepening … relaxing, deepening … and ONE … feeling so relaxed, so very very relaxed in your peaceful sanctuary.

Continue to just being aware of the breath … the inward breath and the outward breath … hearing these words and allowing them to fade away.

Now, in a state of deep relaxation, visualize yourself just like The Fool of the Golden Dawn Tarot. The Fool is not a derogatory name in this sense. Remember, it is a term used to describe someone beginning the journey of deeper understanding (Chokmah) and self-knowledge (Binah) on the path of the flaming sword. Even though you have lived many years and have already journeyed far, parts of who you are still remain naïve, unworldly, or undeveloped. Immerse yourself now in the imagery of The Fool of the Golden Dawn Tarot. Entering into this archtype, whether you are female or male. Embrace all the knowledge The Fool has to offer you.

Visualize yourself as The Fool beginning a journey. It could be a physical journey or spiritual journey. It could be a journey, as in going to another country or even changing your residence. It could be a journey into a new career. It could be a personal journey into changing habits so that you can experience greater health and abundance. It could be the journey of a new relationship, or a change in a relationship you already have. It could be a journey that you may have wanted to do for some time, but something may be holding you back. Reflect now for a few moments on the journey you want to make, or would like to make, as you hold that image in your mind.

Now, allow that image to fade. Embrace the archetype of The Fool of Golden Dawn Tarot. Imagine this as a time in your life when you may be contemplating taking a risk … stepping off the cliff, so to speak, and plunging into something new. You may be at a crossroads in your life. If this is happening to you, reflect on that now. Stay very focused on what is happening to you right now.

Letting those images fade again. Embrace the archetype of The Fool of Golden Dawn Tarot. Imagine going on a personal quest. There is an element of impossibility setting off into the unknown. Again, like The Fool, your Inner Child may be innocent and eager, uninformed and uncorrupted, blind to any perils that lie ahead. On the other hand, the inner critical adult may be remonstrating with you for such an absurd notion of wanting change in your life.

Allow yourself to sink into any feelings that may be arising for you now, and be aware of where those feelings are in your body. They could be feelings of fear and anxiety with impending change. Maybe they are feelings of enthusiasm, excitement and joy as you visualize yourself setting off on this new journey. Whatever the feelings, just allow them to be there; be aware of them, observe them … without judgment.

Come to an awareness of the breath again; the inward breath and the outward breath. Be aware of the breath as it enters and leaves your body; stabilizing your body and centering your body. Now keep on embracing and deeply feeling all that The Fool of the Golden Dawn Tarot is. As you feel notice how The Fool is quite unconcerned with any feeling of worry, fear, excitement or enthusiasm.

Recall a time in your life when you felt very confident, as though you didn’t have a care in the world. See yourself carrying very little with you; unburdened by worldly possessions. Allow this image of confidence to engulf you. If you cannot recall a time of confidence, imagine what it would be like to have great confidence in yourself and not a care in the world.

Bring this memory from the past alive again with sounds you could hear then. What could you touch then; what could you feel, smell, and taste. Use all your senses to experience that time of power. Make it as vivid as you can. Make it as alive as you can. Be fully engaged in the moment in time of confidence and hold the good feelings that you had then present in your body now.

Embrace these sensations as you deepen more and more into the archetype of The Fool of Golden Dawn Tarot. Anchoring those good feelings in your body, imagine that you are about to step off of the cliff, to plunge into the unknown. Surround yourself in feelings of being unperturbed, the eternal optimist and ready to leap into anything. The Fool shows you how you are spontaneous and carefree. This is not because you are completely unaware, but most of all its because you can trust and affirm for yourself your truth. Your trust in yourself. Engulf this feeling by repeating to yourself, “I trust in myself. I trust in life. trust and I let go.”

Relaxing even more and more into the archetype of The Fool of the Golden Dawn Tarot, embrace the awakening in you a sense of adventure. When was the last time you stepped out of the status quo and had an adventure? Was it back in your youth, or more recently? What sort of adventure could enliven you now and give you greater vitality with heightened sensitivity?

It doesn’t have to be extreme, like climbing a mountain or sky diving. It could be something such as starting a hobby or doing something you’ve always wanted to do. An adventure is about taking you in a new direction that is exciting and has an unknown element in it.

Visualize an adventure you would love to talk right now. Bring it alive using all your senses. Seeing this new adventure awaken touching, tasting, smelling and hearing all aspects of this adventure. Bring this adventure alive in your mind; fully participating in it now.

Go now to that place within, using your breath to take you there. Use the inward breath and the outward breath; the breath that deepens your intuition. The breath which gives insight to guide you through change no matter what your adventure may be.

Now, take in a deep breath. Breath in trust and belief in yourself. Know that if you are called to make changes in your life, you can do so. As you breathe out, breathe out and relax, breath out and let go. You are letting go; letting go of it all. You are embracing The Fool of the Golden Dawn Tarot.

Take another deep breath in. Now breath in faith in yourself and as you breathe out, let go of all worries or self-doubts you may have. Breathe freely and easily now; allowing each breath to deepen your intuitive knowing and trust in yourself.

It is time now for you to leave your peaceful sanctuary. You feel gratitude for all that The Fool of the Golden Dawn Tarot showed you. You exit from your safe place slowly and calmly. You return to the path once more but you are more relaxed. You are more confident. You know you can come here any time you wish to be alone, to be in a place of inner calm.

Now, counting from ONE to FIVE … ONE … becoming aware of yourself sitting on a chair or on a cushion on the floor … TWO … gently wiggling your fingers … THREE … slowly moving your head from side to side … FOUR … become aware of your feet and toes; wiggling them … and FIVE … very very slowly, opening your eyes. Take a deep and clearing breath and stretch your whole body, if this feels good to you.

It is important that you visit The Fool of the Golden Dawn Tarot often. Record in a journal all that The Fool shared with you in this visit. Continue to record your experiences with the The Fool of the Golden Dawn Tarot. Notice the information that is repeated in each visit. Notice what is new information. Analysis all that you learn. For The Fool of the Golden Dawn Tarot is a wonderful teacher and tool for magical empowerment.

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