Flying Roll IV – Spirit Vision (S.S.D.D & F.)

An Example of Mode of Attaining to Spirit Vision
and What was seen by Two Adepti-- S.S.D.D. (Sapientia Sapienti Dona Data, Florence Farr) and F. (Fidelis, Elaine Simpson) on November 10th 1892

Secure for an hour or for longer absolute freedom from interruption. Then alone, or with one or two other Adepti, enter the vault, or private chamber. Remain in silence and contemplation for several minutes.

Rise, and perform the Qabalistic Cross and prayer. Then proceed to contemplation of some object, say a Tarot Trump: either by placing it before you and gazing at it, until you seem to see into it ; or by placing it against your forehead or elsewhere, and then keeping the eyes closed; in this case you should have given previous study to the Card, as to its symbolism, coloring, analogies, etc.

In either case you should then deeply sink into the abstract ideal of the card; being in entire indifference to your surroundings. If the mind wanders to anything disconnected with the card, no beginner will succeed in seeing anything spiritually.

Consider all the symbolism of the Tarot Card, then all that is implied by its letters, number, and situation, and the paths connected therewith.
The vision may begin by the concentration passing into a state of reverie; or with a distinct sense of change, something allied in sensation to a faint, with a feeling urging you to resist, but if you are highly inspired, fear not, do not resist, let yourself go; and then the vision may pass over you.
If you have anything occur or disturb you, you will come to readily enough-- or as from a doze; otherwise the vision ends of itself, or some can check it by will, at any stage, others can not, at first, at any rate.

The Tarot Trump, the Empress was taken; placed before the persons and contemplated upon, spiritualized, heightened in coloring, purified in design and idealized. In vibratory manner pronounced Daleth. Then, in spirit, saw a greenish blue distant landscape, suggestive of the mediaeval tapestry. Effort to ascend was then made; rising on the planes seemed to pass up through clouds and then appeared a pale green landscape and in its midst a gothic temple of ghostly outlines marked with light. Approached it and found the temple gained in definiteness and was concrete, and seemed a solid structure. Giving the signs of Netzach Grade (because of venus) was able to enter; giving portal signs and 5°=6° signs in thought form. Opposite the entrance perceived a cross with three bars and a dove upon it; and beside this, were steps leading forwards into the dark, by a dark passage. Here was met a beautiful green dragon, who moved aside, meaning no harm, and the spirit vision passed on. Turning a corner and still passing on in the dark emerged from the darkness on to a marble terrace brilliantly white, and a garden beyond, with flowers, whose foliage was of a delicate green kind and the leaves seemed to have a white velvety surface beneath. Here, there appeared a woman of heroic proportions, clothed in green with a jewelled girdle, crown of stars on her head, in her hand a sceptre of gold, having at one apex a lustrously white closed lotus flower, in he left hand an orb bearing a cross. She also had a shield with a dove upon it. She smiled proudly, and as the human spirit sought her name, replied: `I am the mighty Mother Isis; most powerful of all the worlds, I am she who fights not, but is always victorious, I am that Sleeping Beauty who men have sought, for all time; and the paths which lead to my castle are beset with dangers and illusions. Such as fail to find me sleep;--or may ever rush after the Fata Morgana leading astray all who feel that illusory influence-- I am lifted up on high and do draw men unto me, I am the world's desire, but few there be who find me. When my secret is told, it is the secret of the holy grail.' Asking to learn it, she replied:-- `Come with me, but first clothe in white garments, put on your insignia, and with bared feet follow where I shall lead.' Arriving at length as a Marble Wall, pressed a secret spring, and entered a small compartment, where the spirit seemed to ascend through a dense vapor, and emerged upon a turret of a building. Perceived some object in the midst of the place, but was forbidden to look at it until permission was accorded. Stretched out the arms and bowed the head to the Sun which was rising a golden orb in the East. Then turning, knelt with face towards the center, and being permitted to raise the eyes beheld a cup with a heart and the sun shining upon these; there seemed a clear ruby colored fluid in the cup. Then `Lady Venus' said: 'This love, I have plucked out of my heart and have given it to the world; that is my strength. Love is the mother of the Man-- God, giving the Quintessence of her life to save mankind from destruction, and to show forth the path to life eternal. Love is the mother of the Christ-- `Spirit, and the Christ is the highest love-- Christ is the Heart of Love, the heart of the Great Mother Isis-- The Isis of Nature. He is the expression of her power-- She is the Holy Grail, and He is the life blood of spirit, that is found in this cup.' After this, being told that man's hope lay in following her example, we solemnly gave our hearts to the keeping of the Grail; then, instead of feeling death, as our human imagination led us to expect, we felt an influx of the highest courage and power, for our own hearts were to be henceforth in touch with hers-- the strongest force in all the world. So then we went away, feeling glad that we had learned that `He who gives away his life, will gain it.' For that love which is power is given unto him,--who hath given away his all for the good of others.

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