Do You Belong in the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School?

If you are among the few who have a serious interest in magical development, the use and development of your intuition, the study of Mystical Christianity, Qabalah, Egyptian Mysteries, Philosophy, Tarot, Greek Mysteries, Alchemy, Astrology, Astral travel, Clairvoyance, and Ritual Magic, and the secrets to the Law of Attraction,  then the Ancient Golden Dawn Mystery School may be right for you. In addition, our Order is looking to only attract sincere people who are concerned about the development of personal magical powers and the spiritual advancement of humankind.

Ancient MysteriesThe Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn ® is a worldwide fraternity dedicated to preparing serious students for genuine Adepthood. It is here that the Adept learns the "secrets" of listening and hearing that inner voice of Light called the "Higher Genius" or "Holy Guardian Angel." The Higher Genius is the True and Bornless you.  Under the guidance of your own personal Higher Genius, you will learn the reason you are here, alive and in the flesh. Your life mission will come alive, and magic will be awakened within your soul. Our Order places no limits, no boundaries as to how far you can develop your skills.


Our Purpose

Our aim is to help you the student, to develop a deeper reflection and inner connection to the Light of the Infinite.  You will develop your universal connection and become a true creator of your desire. It is at this point that the student becomes aware of subtle laws and principles that govern the entire Universe. It is through initiation and mentorship in the Ancient Golden Dawn Mystery School that the student becomes magical Adept and learns to awaken latent powers. This leads to not only spiritual success but to victory and success in every aspect of your life.

How you Benefit

Through the powers of initiation and knowledge blossom all hidden talents and powers that are after that awakened and re-awakened. One develops a higher selfless purpose in life. Inner Enlightenment is the lantern in the darkness of night that guides the way. In essence, perfect peace and happiness can only come when all the aspects of one's life are integrated together in harmony and cooperation. These points are empowered through the four elements of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth working under the direction of Inner Light and Spirit.

Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School

  1. We encourage students to think for themselves. We are not a religion, but a worldwide fraternity of like-minded people who seek inner truth and harmony through the study of the Western Magical traditions. If you are looking for a social club, we are not the place for you. Our school is only for those serious about universal connection and the development of magical skills.
  2. We believe in a balanced approach to spiritual, mental, emotional and physical development.
  3. We provide a safe course of study that is guarded with access and communication between a qualified Adept and the awakening student.

The Future

You and you alone determine your future.  If you are one who believes in action, then the next step is to apply for acceptance in our Order and begin your journey on the pathway of light and magic.  If you are a person who has questions, then take the time to ask and decide your course.  Your life is not a game.  Your life is not a rehearsal.  Some people will enjoy the magic of light and the fruits that life offers and others will not.  The choice is yours, completely.

To learn more about initiation into the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, please visit our membership info page.


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