Annual Isis Invocation to Empower Your Magic

Isis Invocation Ritual of the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School

Annual Mother Isis Ritual
Once a year, the Imperator General  G.H. Frater P.D.R. ( Robert Zink ) along with trained practitioners around the world invoke the ancient powers of Isis or Aset for the explicit purpose of abundance and healing.   In a spectacular ceremony, an invocation of the Great Feminine Force and Patron of the manifested world is invoked for the benefit of all our members of our Order.  This is a must experience ceremony with all of the beauty,  dignity,  and magical power one would expect to see in such an invocation of ancient light.Golden Dawn Isis Invocation

The ritual is held in February to coincide with our Annual Winter Conclave. During this particular weekend selected members will participate in a personal weekend of magical training with G.H. Frater P.D.R.  As a Member of the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School ( Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn )  You can expect to receive the magical benefits of this incredible invocation whether you are present or not.

To apply for membership visit our membership page.

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