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Astral Fire


Master the ability to travel in the world of the spirit.

Unlock the doorway of the astral plane.

  • In this audio program you will learn a simple, safe and proven method for entering the astral realm.
  • Simply listen to it and follow the instructions.
  • I fully believe that life mastery begins in the world of the invisible.
  • As the ancient manuscript called the Tablet of Hermes states: “That which is above is like that which is below.”


Experience your full potential – get out of your body with Astral Fire! Trapped in our egos, we are limited to what we can do. When out of our bodies, our potential is virtually unlimited. Did you know that Einstein traveled astrally on a beam of light to help him create his theory of relativity? Astral Fire teaches perhaps the most effective method for anyone who wants to astral travel and employ increased mind power during the out-of-body experience. Read below to discover how easy it is, then plan to travel to a world of unlimited potential.

The word “astral” comes from the Greek word, “astrum” or “star.” The astral is that which belongs to the incorporeal level of being that is beyond the illusion of the material or physical realm. In the Qabalah, the astral plane is the level of manifestation before the apparent material. When the mind is locked in the world of materialism, the potential to know, learn and recreate your life is extremely limited.


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