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Don’t confuse the Greek Golden Dawn with the Golden Dawn Mysteries of Light

Don’t confuse the Greek Golden Dawn with the Golden Dawn Mysteries of Light, and many good Order’s who do the work of the Golden Dawn. There are many reasons why one might stand for one Golden Dawn Order over another. There are many differences in the various groups that call themselves Golden Dawn. A portion of the teachings of some groups are drastically different from traditional Golden Dawn.  They even admit to it.   Many Golden Dawn scholars would be hard…

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Astral or Long Distant Initiation Makes Sense for Some People

The Golden Dawn tradition of Initiation is more active and vibrant than every before. The Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn continues to provide classical Golden Dawn initiation, including “astral” or long distant initiation. The reasons for continuing the tradition of astral or long distant Golden Dawn Initiation are the same reasons today as in the days of Moina Mathers. Moina Mathers was the wife of MacGregor Mathers who established the long distant Golden Dawn initiation in the Golden Dawn current. In the days of…

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