Flying Roll XII Telesmatic Images & Adonai

By G. H. Frater D.D.C.F.

Now there is also a mode whereby, combining the letters, the colours, the attributions and their Synthesis, thou mayest build up a telesmatic Image of a Force. The Sigil shall then serve thee for the tracing of a Current which shall call into action a certain Elemental Force. And know thou that this is not to be done lightly for thine amusement or experiment, seeing that the Forces of Nature were not created to be thy plaything or toy. Unless thou doest thy practical magical works with solemnity, ceremony and reverence, thou shalt be like an infant playing with fire, and thou shalt bring destruction upon thyself.

See well also that thou makest the Image as pure and beautiful as possible, for the more impure or common the figure, the more dangerous is it unto thee. Write upon the breast its Sigil, upon the girdle its Name, and place clouds below the feet. And when thou hast done this with due solemnity and rigid correctness of symbolism, shunning as thou wouldst shun death any suggestion of coarseness or vulgarity in an Angelic symbol, then hear what it shall say unto thee.

Seraphim will give thee an Angelic Figure like a Warrioress with Flame playing about her, and a countenance glorious like the Sun, and beneath her feet the stormy Sea and thunder clouds, and lightning about her, and a glow as of Flame. She has a triangular helmet or head-dress of Flame like the sym­bol of Fire.

Graphiel will give thee a Great Angel like a Female Warrior with a most glorious countenance, crowned with the Crescent and flashing with Ught, and surrounded by Flame and Lightning and with Four Wings.

The termination EL always gives to Angelic Forms the Wings and Sym­bols of Justice. The ending YAH will make the Figures like enthroned Kings or Queens, and with flaming glory at their feet.

In vibrating the Divine Names, the Operator should first of all rise as high as possible towards the idea of the Divine White Brilliance in KETHER

— keeping the mind raised to the plane of loffiest aspiration. Unless this is done, it is dangerous to vibrate only with the astral forces, because the vibra­tion attracts a certain force to the operator, and the nature of the force attract­ed rests largely on the condition of mind in which the operator is.

The ordinary mode of vibrating is as follows: Take a deep and full inspiration and concentrate your consciousness in your heart, which answers to Tiphareth. (Having first, as already said, ascended to your Kether, you should endeavour to bring down the white Brilliance into your heart, prior to centering your consciousness there.)

Then formulate the letters of the Name required in your heart, in white, and feel them written there. Be sure to formulate the letters in brilliant white light, not merely in dull whiteness as the colour of the Apas Tattwa. Then, emitting the breath, slowly pronounce the Letters so that the sound vibrates within you, and imagine that the breath, while quitting the body, swells you so as to fill up space. Pronounce the Name as if you were vibrating it through the whole Universe, and as if it did not stop until it reached the further limits.

All practical occult work which is of any use, tires the operator or withdraws some magnetism, and therefore, if you wish to do anything that is at all important, you must be in perfect magnetic and nervous condition, or else you will do evil instead of good.

When you are using a Name and drawing a Sigil from the Rose, you must remember that the Sephirah to which the Rose and Cross are referred, is Tiphareth, whose position answers to the position of the heart, as if the Rose were therein. It is not always necessary to formulate before you in space the telesmatic angelic figure of the Name. As a general rule, pronounce the Name as many times as there are letters in it.


ALEPH. Spiritual. Wings generally, epicene, rather male than female, rather thin type.

BETH. Active and slight. Male.

GIMEL. Grey, beautiful yet changeful. Feminine, rather full face and body.

DALETH. Very beautiful and attractive. Feminine. Rather full face and body.

HEH. Fierce, strong, rather fiery; feminine.

VAU. Steady and strong. Rather heavy and clumsy, masculine.

ZAYIN. Thin, intelligent, masculine.

CHETH. Full face, not much expression, feminine.

TETH. Rather strong and fiery. Feminine.

YOD. Very white and rather delicate. Feminine.

CAPH. Big and strong, masculine.

LAMED. Well-proportioned; feminine.

MEM. Reflective, dream-like, epicene, but female rather than male.

NUN. Square determined face, masculine, rather dark.

SAMEKH. Thin rather expressive face; masculine.

AYIN. Rather mechanical, masculine.

PEH. Fierce, strong, resolute, feminine.

TZADDI. Thoughtful, intellectual, feminine.

QOPH. Rather full face, masculine.

RESH. Proud and dominant, masculine.

SHIN. Fierce, active, epicene, rather male than female.

TAU. Dark, grey, epicene; male rather than female.

(These genders are only given as a convenient guide.)

There is another method of assigning gender based upon whether or not the sound of the HEBREW Letter is arrested or prolonged. If the former it is masculine, if the latter it is feminine -- as follows:



Aleph-broad A Beth-B-Bh

Vau-U,V, 00 Zayin-Z

Caph-K, Kh Nun-NSamekh-S Ayin-O, Ngh, Au

Qoph-Q, Qh Resh-R

Shin-Sh, S



Gimel-G, Gh Daleth-D, Dh

Heh-H Cheth-Ch (gutteral)

Teth-T Yod-I, J, Y.

Lamed-L Mem-M

Peh-P, Ph Tzaddi-Tz

Tau-T, Tb


In the vibration of Names concentrate first upon the highest aspirations and upon the whiteness of Kether. Astral vibrations and material alone are dangerous. Concentrate then upon your Tiphareth, the centre about the heart, and draw down into it the White Rays from above. Formulate the letters in White Light in your heart. Inspire deeply, and then pronounce the letters of the Name, vibrating each through your whole system--as if setting into vibration the Air before you, and as if that vibration spread out into space.

The Whiteness should be brilliant.

The Sigils are drawn from the lettering of the Rose upon the Cross, and these are in Tiphareth, which corresponds to the heart. Draw themas if the Rose were in your heart.

In vibrating any Name, pronounce it as many times as it has letters. This is the Invoking Whirl.

Example: The Vibration of ADONAI HA-ARETZ.

Perform the Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram in the four quarters of your room, preceded by the Qabalistic Cross. Then in each quarter give the Signs of the Adeptus Minor, saying IAO and LVX, making the symbol of the Rose-Cross as taught in the paper describing the Rose-Cross Ritual.

Pass to the centre of the Room, and face East. Then formulate before you in brilliant white flashings the Letters of the Name in the form of a Cross -- i.e. both perpendicular and horizontal, as seen in the diagram below.

Formulate the perception of Kether above you, and draw down the White Light about this cross. Then, taking a deep inspiration, pronounce and vibrate the Letters of the Name. Flashing brilliant White Light should hover round them. This is the Expanding Whirl in the Aura.

Having gained the whiteness, then form the Telesmatic Image, not in your heart but before you, extending it and encouraging the ideal figure to expand and fill the Universe. Then immerse yourself in its rays and absorbing, also be absorbed by, the brightness of that Light, until your Aura radiates with its brightness.

These, then, are two processes: The INVOKING WHIRL related to the Heart. The EXPANDING WHIRL related to the Aura.

ADNI makes the figure from head to waist; HA-ARTZ from waist to feet. The whole Name is related to Malkuth, Matter, and Zelatorship.

ALEPH. Winged, white, brilliant, radiant Crown.

DALETH. Head and neck of a woman, beautiful but firm, hair long, dark and waving.

NUN. Arms bare, strong, extended as a cross. In the right hand are ears of corn, and in the left a golden Cup. Large dark spreading Wings.

YOD. Deep yellow-green robe covering a strong chest on which is a square lamen of gold with a scarlet Greek Cross -- in the angles four smaller red crosses.

In addition a broad gold belt on which ADONAI HA - ARETZ is written in Enochian or Hebrew characters.

The feet are shown in flesh colour with golden sandals. Long yellow green drapery rayed with olive reaches to the feet. Beneath are black lurid clouds with patches of colour. Around the figure are lightning flashes, red. The crown radiates White Light. A Sword is girt at the side of the figure.

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