Don’t confuse the Greek Golden Dawn with the Golden Dawn Mysteries of Light, and many good Order's who do the work of the Golden Dawn.

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There are many reasons why one might stand for one Golden Dawn Order over another. There are many differences in the various groups that call themselves Golden Dawn. A portion of the teachings of some groups are drastically different from traditional Golden Dawn.  They even admit to it.   Many Golden Dawn scholars would be hard pressed even to call some of these group Golden Dawn at all.  However, they, nor any other group in the magical community cannot ever be confused with a group in Greece who calls themselves Golden Dawn. The Greek group is a Nazi party and has nothing to do with this Order or any other magical Order.

In Greece, there is a political party that has taken up the name GOLDEN DAWN. One might have a tough time calling this group a political party. They tend to be more of a movement of hate. For all practical purposes, they are Modern Hitler wanna be’s. This Greek Golden Dawn group is Nazi.

If you want to understand the Greek Nazi Golden Dawn you can read more about them in the link I have provided in Wikipedia. As for beliefs, they share most of the same beliefs as the Hitler’s Nazi Party.

Sadly, they are causing lots of confusion on the Internet. In the past, you could look up the term Golden Dawn and find a handful of Orders and Lodges. Now the Internet is filled with articles from the Nazi Golden Dawn Political Party.

I believe this is hurting the real Golden Dawn Mysteries and several good Order's that teach the Golden Dawn Mysteries. Those interested in the Golden Dawn visit Google and all they see is the Nazi group. Also, many people do not know the difference.

I believe that we in the Golden Dawn community must stand in solidarity together against the Nazi Greek Golden Dawn group and the use of the Golden Dawn name. Never confuse these Greek Nazi's with the kind of energy that represents any true seeker of Light and Magic.

For the record, the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School (Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn) stands firmly against this group, their beliefs, and the name they have chosen.   We certainly hope you will do the same.