The Golden Dawn

Guardians of the Ancient Mysteries of Light

Originally founded in 1888 by the late, S.L. MacGregor Mathers. The modern day Golden Dawn continues to awaken ancient Magic within it's 1000s of members all over the world.


Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School

Bend Reality To Your Will

This is seriously advanced spiritual training. You will learn ancient wisdom that has been handed down from generation to generation.  With deep roots in Ancient Egyptian Ritual Magic, the Qabalah and teachings on personal empowerment through the Law of Attraction. 


Hermetic Qabalah

The Tree Of Life

The Tree of life is based around ten Sephiroth, or spheres. These spheres progress upwards from Malkuth (the material world), to Kether (the world of pure creation). You will Learn the ancient mysteries of the Hermetic Qabalah. You will be empowered with practical techniques that will expand your mind and open your heart. You will learn manifesting that is beyond belief.


The Law Of Attraction

Thoughts Become Things

A key part of the Law of Attraction is understanding that where you place your focus has an intense impact on what happens to you. By focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. You will learn how to maximize the power of the Law of Attraction in your life. You will attract happiness, success, wealth and an abundance.


The Golden Dawn Hidden Wisdom

Magical Tradition

If you seek the light of hidden wisdom. If you are sincere and want to learn the advanced, traditional teachings of the Golden Dawn. The Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School is prepared to serve your desires to grow in Light, wisdom, magic and as far as your aspirations will take you.

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the Golden Dawn Astral Initiations

Golden Dawn Mysteries

We can provide astral initiations and advancements for those who seek the light of the Golden Dawn; hunger for knowledge and spiritual, magical transformation but do not live by a temple. We remain the only Order that continues to provide long distance initiations where no Golden Dawn temple is nearby.

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The Golden Dawn Worldwide Fraternity

Worldwide Fraternity

Our Order of the Esoteric Golden Dawn, remains true to the classical tradition. Our Order provides the sincere seeker the opportunity to become part of a worldwide fraternity with Golden Dawn temples, sanctuaries and study groups throughout the US, Canada and Europe.

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Over the last 100 years several books have been written on the history and workings of the Golden Dawn.  While much of the corpus of information is of interest to the historian or casual magician, much of it lacks the ancient inner secrets and hidden subtleties that cause ironclad magic to work effectively and almost instantly.  Ultimately the goal of any magician is to “cause reality to conform to will.” If you have been directed to this site, there is likely a cosmic reason you are here.  However, only the chosen few accept their cosmic destiny and take action to become a member of our ancient mystery school of magic and light.

 As a Member of the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School You will uncover:

  • How to make all of your magic intentions and rituals work every time.
  • Powerful magical methods that can give you the possibility of unlimited wealth and financial freedom! (Use this power to help yourself and others as well.)
  • Rebuild and learn health techniques that will give you abundant energy and personal power.
  • Learn how to invoke astonishing magic meditation to attract romantic partners, or drastically improve your existing relationship.
  • Develop the sensational skill to leave your body and travel the astral planes, using ancient methods taught by S.L. MacGregor Mathers the founder of the Order of the Golden Dawn.
  • How to gain full on, laser like magical mental focus to understand the past and influence the future through ancient tarot, traveling in the spirit vision and other well guarded methods.

Some Fraternities and so called magical experts Have Tried To Have Secrets Like This Banned! These same people have attacked our Order for offering true and legitimate astral initiation to members around the world in over 60 different countries.

The Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School (Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn) is fully committed to helping those who are serious about living a remarkable life of magic.  When you become a member of Our Order, your initiation, either physically or astrally will drastically shift your energy. You will instantly begin living an amazing life of pure magic and light. Unlike many fraternities who keep you in the dark for years, our mission and goal is to quickly and yet safely awaken your latent powers.

Are You are tired of reading book after book, and spending hours on Facebook forums, and still your magic does not work?  Read on…. prepare to take action.

If you are sick and tired of all the wasted time going through piles of useless information, paying tons of money for offer and offer on the internet, and you sincerely seek the light of true magic and hidden wisdom and power, then you are at the right place.  You will learn all the classical Golden Dawn teaching and so much more when you join our Order.  Magic knowledge did not end in the 1900’s with S.L. MacGregor Mathers. All the secret contacts of the past and new contacts of the present and future have vastly expanded our exclusive techniques of magic. The presence of the Invisible Chiefs remain as sacred teachers and guardians of our Order.  The ancient teachings of light come alive in our expanded school of modern day magic. Plus, you will become part of a worldwide fraternity of serious students of magic and hidden wisdom. Only the serious need apply.  In our Order you have no limits and no boundaries.

You can become as powerful as your aspirations will take you. 

STOP! spending all your money on books and all your time on the Internet looking for the secrets that only exist in the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School. (Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn)

No Refunds For Any Reason


Golden Dawn

When you become a member of the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School (Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn)  You will be on the road to becoming a master of ancient Hermetic teachings, Qabalah,  The Magic of Light and much more..

The following is a summary of what you can expect to learn and master when your become a member:

  • Powerful universal laws designed to guarantee your magic works fast and effectively
  • Access to Source Light and cosmic empowerment you can use for unlimited magic. (Live the life you desire.)
  • Traveling in the Spirit Vision methods that will allow you to explore dimensions with remarkable clarity and precision.
  • Learn how to magically divine any situation accurately like reading your future or what is your best move to make in the near future.
  • Give yourself accurate psychic tarot readings. Never be a victim of psychics again. 
  • Awaken your physical body to unlimited health and vitality thorough an empowered energy field that begins to grow and expand shortly after initiation into our Order.
  • Learn how to apply your magical powers to attract the right love partners into your life for dating, romance, sex and true love!
  • Defend yourself easily against black magic, curses, and negative thoughts that are coming against you.
  • Learn how to master the building blocks of physical reality to get what you want from life!
  • How to attract the right love partners into your life for dating, romance, sex and true love!
  • Learn the ancient Rosicrucian secrets of mind control. Learn how to see and know what others through bi-location.
  • Learn the master-key secrets to creating and healing through the ancient knowledge of Alchemy as taught by Master Alchemist.
  • Easily awaken your mind to having lucid dreams faster, using simple and effective method of the Magic of Light.
  • Discover some powerful secrets about man's ancient origins and where we truly come from!
  • Learn the un-written secrets to invoking the planets, and stars to awaken within you untold skills and powers.
  • Learn ancient secrets of the Holy Qabalah and Enochian Angels. Enjoy remarkable communication with Angels and Spiritual Beings that will aid you with every aspect of your life. 

Our order works with a limited number of new students at any given time and therefore opportunity can be revoked at any given time without notice.


The key to invoking the magic of Light is to invest in you and take action now.


No Refunds For Any Reason

Golden Dawn

As a member of our magical fraternity you can expect to receive:

  • Hundreds of lessons and color diagrams plus additional commentaries. Not available anywhere else. 
  • Personal mentors to work with you on a regular basis.
  • Online classes.
  • Private online lessons not available to the outside world.
  • Online classes and webinars
  • Worldwide events.
  • Temples, sanctuaries and study groups throughout the world.
  • Physical or astral initiations available to all sincere seekers

As an initiate of the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School (Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn) you can expect to learn:

  • The complete Golden Dawn system of the Magic of Light (not some so-called reformed teachings).
  • The Western Mystery Tradition
  • Hermetics and hermeticism
  • The Holy Qabalah / healing qualities of the Tree of Life
  • Ancient Egypt and Greek mysteries
  • Angelic Invocation, Magic, and Guidance
  • Tarot meditation, magic and divination
  • Astrology / Gematria / Geomancy
  • Spiritual and Physical Alchemy
  • Astral travel / astral projection
  • Golden Dawn protection rites / banishings
  • Skrying / clairvoyance / traveling in the spirit vision
  • Ceremonial magic / alchemy
  • Enochian / angelic magic and techniques
  • Personal empowerment / complete grade initiations
  • Power of the elementals (air, fire, water, earth)
  • Talismans / amulets
  • Rosicrucian Magic of Light!


This only scratches the surface. Prepare to move your life from where you’re at to where you want to be. Our Order only works with a limited number of students at any given time. This opportunity may be withdrawn without notice.

“Magic should never interfere in your life, magic is secret knowledge of how to apply universal energy to awaken your latent powers and thus make your life more enjoyable.”

Dear Seeker of the light,

As Imperator General of the Order of the Esoteric of the Golden Dawn, I would like to personally welcome you.

Just by being here you are taking the first step into the light. I know that you are seeking to empower yourself through the  ancient mystery's of Magic. I promise you that, by joining the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School you will lean how to use Magic to not only improve your own life but also for those around you. There is no limitations to what you can learn and what you will be able to achieve. With the right training, focus and intention YOU will bend reality to your own will.

I shall look forward to working with you.

Blessings in the light,

golden dawn signature

Robert Zink G.H. Frater P.D.R. 

Imperator General of the Order of the Esoteric Golden Dawn

No Refunds For Any Reason

"Thus will you obtain the glory of the whole universe. All obscurity will be clear to you. This is the greatest force of all power because it overcomes every suitable thing and penetrates every solid thing."

- The Emerald Tablet of Hermes -