The Rose Cross Lamen

The Rose and Cross is for general use in magical working and is to be worn by the Zelator Adeptus Minor at all meetings of the Second Order at which he has the right to be present.

ross cross lamen frontross cross lamen back

The Description of the Rose Cross Lamen:

Rays - White with black letters and symbols.
Air - yellow ground purple Pentagram and symbols.
Fire - scarlet ground Emerald Pentagram and symbols.
Water - blue ground Orange Pentagram and symbols.
White ground - Black Hexagram and symbols.
Earth Citrine, Russet, Olive, Black, White Pentagram and symbols.

The Rose Cross Lamen should be suspended from a yellow silk collar or ribbon. It is to be made and consecrated by him unassisted and when not in use should be wrapped in white silk or linen. Like the Lotus Wand, another person should not touch it after consecration, only by its owner.

It is a complete synthesis of the Positive, Masculine, or Rainbow Scale of Color attribution, the ‘Scale of the King,’ as it is called. These colors may be found in a Knowledge Lecture. The four ends are attributed to the Elements, the white portion to the Spirit and to the Planets, the 22 petals of the Rose to the 22 paths. it is the Cross in Tiphareth, the receptacle and center of the forces of the Sephiroth and the Paths. The extreme center of the Rose is White, the reflected spiritual brightness of Kether, bearing upon it the Red Rose and Golden Cross from which the second Order takes its name; the symbols of the rescuing force.

Around the Hexagram on the white part, below the Rose, are placed the planets in the order, which is the Key of the Supreme Ritual of the Hexagram. Around the Pentagrams are the symbols of the Spirit and the four Elements in the order, which is the Key of the Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram. in each of the floreated ends of the Cross itself are arranged the three Alchemical principles, but in different order in each element, and as showing their operation therein.

The uppermost arm of the Cross attributed to Air, is of the yellow color of Tiphareth. In it the flowing philosophic mercurial nature is chief and without hindrance to its mobility, hence the ever moving nature of Air. Its Suiphurous side is drawn from the part of Fire whence its luminous and electrical qualities, its Saline from the Water, whence clouds and rains, from the action of the Solar forces.

The lowest arm of the cross, attributed to Earth is of the four colors of Malkuth, the Earth being of the nature of a container and receiver of the other influences. The Citrine answers to its airy part; the Olive to the watery; the Russet to the fiery part; and the Black to the lowest part, earthy of the Earth.
Here is also the Mercurial part chief, but hindered by the compound nature, whence its faculty becomes germinative, rather than mobile. While the Sulphur and the Salt are respectively from the sides of Water and Fire, which almost neutralize their natural operation and bring about the fixedness and immobility of Earth.

The extremity attributed to fire is of the scarlet color of GEBURAH, and in it the Suiphurous nature is chief, whence its powers of heat and burning. The Salt is from the side of water, whence the necessity for a constant substantial pabulum whereon to act; and the Mercury is from the side of Air, whence the leaping, lambent motion of flame especially when acted on by wind.
The extremity attributed to Water is of the blue color of CHESED and in it the Salt nature is chief as exemplified in the Salt nature of the Ocean, to which all waters go; and thence also is derived the nature of always preserving the horizontal line. The Mercury is from Earth whence the weight and force of its flux and reflux. Its Sulphur part is from the Air
whence the effects of waves and storms; so that the dispositions of these three principles form the key of their alchemical operation in the elements.
The white rays issuing from behind the Rose at the inner angles between the arms, are the rays of the Divine light issuing and coruscating from the reflected light of Kether in its center. The letters and symbols on them refer to the analysis of the Key Word of an Adeptus Minor.


The above is the means by which the opening of the Vault is accomplished. Its associations are as follows:

The first I is attributed to Virgo, as well as L in (LVX), the letter N is attributed to Scorpio, as well as V in (LVX), the letter R is attributed to the Sun, as well as X in (LVX), the final I merely repeats some of the attributions.

The Twelve letters of the 12 outer petals follow the order of the Signs of the Zodiac.

HEH which is Aries being uppermost.

LAMED which is Libra being lowest.

The Seven Double letters of the middle row are attributed to the Planets in order of their exaltations, the planets being wanderers, and the stars fixed with respect to the Earth.

The Three Mother Letters are attributed to the Elements, and are so arranged that the petal of Air should be beneath the arm of the cross is attributed to Air. While those of Fire and Water are on counterchanged sides so that the forces of the arms of the Cross should not too much over rule the Planetary and Zodiacal forces in the Rose, which might otherwise be the case were the petal of Fire placed on the same side as the arm of Fire, and that of Water on the arm of water.

The mode of Sigil formation from the Rose petals is taught in another place in this volume.

On the back of the Cross are written inscriptions as follows:

At the top is written in Latin: "The Master Jesus Christ, God and Man," between four Maltese crosses, which represent the four pyramids of the Elements opened out.

This is placed at the uppermost part because here is affirmed the descent of the Divine Force into Tiphareth, which is the central point between Supernals and Inferiors. But at the lowest part is written the Motto of the Zelator Adeptus Minor, because therein is the affirmation of the elevation of the Human into the Divine.

But this is impossible without the assistance of the Divine Spirit from Kether, whence the space above Malkuth is white upon the front aspect of the Cross--white being the Symbol of the Spiritual rescuing from the material.

In the center, between the symbols of the Alchemical Principles of which the outermost is Sulphur, the purgational fire of suffering and self-sacrifice is written in Latin: 'Blessed be the Lord our God who hath given us the Symbol SIGNUM' and this is a word of six letters, thus representing the six periods (creative) in the Universe. And the Regimen of the Planets necessary ere the Glory of the Sun can be obtained.


The cross may be cut out of cardboard and the colored portions may be painted or formed by pasting on portions of colored paper of the required shape. The colors must be correct and clear and brilliant. If they are not the symbol is useless either as a Symbol or insignia. Actually evil effects may follow if the colors are not clear and brilliant or if they are dirty. If this occurs, the whole should be destroyed, for faulty colors and shapes in Divine Symbols are a degradation of Divine Things and are practical blasphemy, because it is substituting the evil and disorderly for the good.

For the petals, one pattern may be designed and several cut at once from it, superimposing several colored papers.

No dimensions are officially given for the Rose Cross but pragmatism dictates that it should be about 7-8 inches in length.

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