Christ – The Line & The Cross

By: G.H. Frater P.D.R.  ( Robert Zink )
The ancient Qabalists of some traditions imply, that reincarnation is the tool through which Man is refined and purified until he is ready to unite with God. And that even then, the Cycle continues. The Mystical Process of I A O is referred to as "Life, Death and Rebirth". Whereas this is in essence a circular view of the whole of Creation, the Old and New Testament indicate a more linear view from a Beginning to an End. Among Historians, Archaeologists and Theologians it is a standard view to see the more pagan societies of ancient Persia, Greece and Rome to be in their essence of a circular nature, whereas the Semitic or Jewish culture is more of a linear Nature. This can be found in the Fact, that both, the Old and the New Testament have a so-called "End of the World" or "End of Days" section. As Mystics, and specifically as Christian Mystics we seek to unite Opposites and to reconcile Polarities. The Union of Line and Circle can be found in a more complicated way in the Squaring of the Circle. This method has been found by the "mythical" Philosopher Pythagoras:

Christ The Line and Circle

On a plainly geometrical Level, the above Graphic shows the solution to a geometrical Problem. One is to inscribe into the Circle an equal-armed Cross, which forms a square around the circle. Then around the square is put an equal armed Triangle around which another Circle is drawn. The second Circle exactly squares the first. On a more mystical and esoteric level, the above picture and the geometric rule show us the union of Micro- and Macrocosmos. The square being the Microcosmos, the circle being the Macrocosmos or in other Words, the Square depicting Man, the Circle representing the Divine. The reasoning behind this is, that a square represents a limited figure, it is mathematically and therefore numerologically examinable. The Circle is limitless because of  , which even to up-to-date scientific knowledge has no end behind the comma, and therefore represent the infinite All-is-One or in Greek  . In the Hermetic Tradition the same principle can be expressed by the interlaying of two geometrical Figures, the one of the Pentagram and Hexagram:

Pentagram and Hexagram

In the Tradition of the Cabalah the Microcosmos represents Man and the Macrocosmos, in essence, God. So in the above Diagram, God, the Lord of the Universe has taken habitation within a Man. This is very different from man having Part in God through his Higher Divine Genius, or of Man having Gnosis of God through it. It literally means, that God has become Man, as Personified by Jesus Christ. Now the drawing of the squaring of the Circle as well as the above diagram are more or less complicated. There is a simpler way to put these ideas into an image of geometrical figures:

This new figure is a simplified form of the Rose and Cross and represents the same ideas mentioned above. Yet at the same time, there is a slight difference; the cyclic and the linear view of Nature have united and transformed the above-mentioned process of I A O into Life-Death-Resurrection. This is but a mere introduction to the Mysteries connecting Christ with the Rose and Cross. These and other sacred mysteries of light will lead the student to a greater understanding of the nature of the Universe and the awakening power within the major adept.

rose and cross

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